Honors Program

The Honors Experience

As a member of the Honors program of East-West University, you are the face of the school. As such, you will be provided with all the tools necessary for a well-rounded and pertinent education. The University provides its Honors students with a quality, multi-faceted education through specially designed challenging courses, field trips to Chicago-area museums, excursions to cultural venues and events. East-West University also provides members of the Honors cohort with specialized assistance and placing for internships and work-study opportunities. You will be one of the elite students on campus and entitled to a number of benefits. First, you’ll have priority choice on all your classes so you’ll never have to worry about your choice of class section being full. You’ll also have all books for Honors Courses paid for by the University after you complete your first year. Students in the program are also eligible for exclusive competitive scholarships each quarter.

Socially, you will have a chance to create powerful lifelong associations with fellow Honors Program students both in and out of the classroom. Once each quarter East-West University will sponsor a networking function to encourage Honors Program students to develop peer support networks. These events are held on campus and around Chicago, providing a sampling of what this world class city has to offer. Several students will also be selected to go on the annual trip to the United Nations in New York.

When you become a Junior or Senior, you will have a chance to mentor the freshman Honors Program students. You will be a student-leader in the University and share your knowledge and experiences with those who are just starting their college journey. Just as importantly, Honors Program students get first pick of internships and on-the-job practical experiences that prepare them for the career of their choice. Students who complete all four years in the Honors Program will receive special designation on their diplomas and their names added to a plaque at the University.

For more information about the East-West University Honors program, please feel free to inquire with

Professor Maria V. Polski
Honors Program Coordinator
312 939 0111 ext. 2407

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