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“Work Hard, Get Better!”

You + Hard Work & Dedication + East-West University’s Athletic Teams = Lifelong Success (both on AND off the courts)

East-West University’s Athletic Department has been around for a little over 10 years and is growing fast! Keep up with the pace and become part of one of the most diverse, hard-working, satisfying teams in college history! You can be part of the “legends-in-the-making” both on and off the courts with some of the most dedicated and caring coaches around!

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Sports Teams at East-West

At East-West University, you can excel both academically and athletically! Sports at East-West University is so much more than just a game - it's developing a bond that goes far beyond the court; one which you will carry the rest of your life! East-West University offers a variety of athletic extracurricular activities for its students.

Learn more about some of the sports teams you can join including the Basketball Team: The Phantoms, Women’s Volleyball Team: The Lady Phantoms, and the Dance & Cheer Team (Majorettes): The Prancing Phantoms.

Want to Join a Team?

Come One, Come All! Coach is Recruiting NOW for the 2024-2025 Athletics Teams!

Contact Coach Posley at [email protected].

Competitive Sports Teams

Don’t wait! The rosters fill up fast! See Coach Posley & Coach Willis in the Gymnasium, SLC building, 2nd Floor for more information and to try out for the following teams:

  • The Men’s Phantoms Basketball Team
  • The Women’s Lady Phantoms Volleyball Team
  • The Prancing Phantoms Dance & Cheer Team (Majorettes)

Other Upcoming Activities and Athletic Teams to Join

  • March Madness (3-on-3 Team Competition)
  • The Cross-Country Track & Field Team (new for 2024-2025 year)
  • East-West University Intramural Basketball Team
  • Women’s Basketball Team (new for 2024-2025 year)
Coach Posley

“Wins and Losses do not make me a coach. Graduating successful young men and women are wins for me.”

Coach Posley


“Taking on this role as the Women’s Volleyball Coach at East-West University is the best decision I’ve made."

Coach Willis

Meet Your East-West University Coaches

Coach Posley

Tommie Posley

Men’s Basketball Coach

As one of Chicago’s “very own,” Coach Posley began his love for basketball early in life. As a point-guard at St. Michael’s High School during the 1970s, his love for the game continued to grow, allowing him to play against some major names in basketball such as Isaiah Thomas, Doc Rivers and Skip Dillard- all while remaining focused and humble. It is hard to imagine Coach loving anything more than teaching the sport because of all the hard work and dedication to the game he has put into it throughout his career, but his passion for bettering the next generation goes beyond just the courts. In fact, Coach says, “Wins and losses do not make me a Coach; graduating successful young men and women are wins for me.”  Coach’s focus is not just on what his players are capable of doing on the court. From his perspective, positive development of his players both on and off the court is what matters to him the most. Creating a safe and positive environment for young people is my focus. Since becoming the Athletic Director and Head Coach at East-West University, Coach says his primary focus is on “giving a chance to his players that others never did.” In addition to his passion of making a difference in his players’ lives, his background includes 20+ years coaching elementary – college-level basketball, being a Substance Abuse Counselor at Cook County Jail, leading as a mentor in Youth programs throughout Chicago, and leads ministry as a Pastor. Learn more about Coach in this YouTube video.


Arryona Willis

Women's Volleyball Coach

Coach Willis’ love for volleyball started early in life and she knew from that time what she wanted to be when she grew up. In 5th grade, she joined her school’s team and immediately fell in love with the game. At that early age, she was already determined that volleyball was not just a hobby or a sport to play, but instead would be her life’s career goal. After playing on her school’s team for three years, her family moved back to Chicago and she had to finish out her 7th grade school year at a school that did not have a volleyball program. Brokenhearted, Coach Willis was determined to find a way to still play volleyball competitively so she sought out programs all over until she finally discovered King College Prep’s Volleyball Camp. She attended this program and was able to join her new school’s volleyball team upon entering her eight grade school year. Although this new team was inexperienced, she could not pass the opportunity to join because of her passion for the game itself. Once she started high school, joining her volleyball team proved to be somewhat of a challenge since she was a bit rusty because of the struggles playing with her inexperienced eight grade teammates. This caused her not to be at the high school level when she first joined; however, with lots of practice and working with her coach and new teammates, she was made a starter on her Junior Varsity volleyball team as a freshman. The following year, she went from Junior Varsity to Varsity as a sophomore student and led to her becoming sought-after amongst college recruiters. In her junior year, she was even offered a volleyball scholarship to Mississippi State University. Unfortunately, life prevented her from accepting that offer, but her volleyball dreams did not stop there. Soon after, she began assisting with her goddaughter’s volleyball team. This led to her accepting the position as head coach of her goddaughter’s volleyball team. She was able to bring a struggling team to making it to playoffs- all with her experience, skills and motivation. Coach Willis not only trains and mentors East-West University’s women’s volleyball team, but she also serves to protect all who enter the institution as one of our “very own” security officers.

East-West University Athletics Requirements

Academics First, Athletics Second!

Being a member of one of East-West University’s Teams brings a much-needed sense of belonging and builds characters and skills that may not be found otherwise. East-West University supports students who are looking to develop healthy life skills, including but not limited to physical, mental and emotional exercise. Joining one or more of East-West University’s sports teams can offer the opportunity to do just that. Although athletics is always encouraged to students interested in joining a team(s), a student’s first focus should always be on their academic success.

The following requirements are only some of the high-level expectations for East-West University athletes:

*See the Athletics Director and Head Coach, Tommie Posley, for more details about the requirements for specific sports teams (some requirements may differ depending on the team). 

East-West University Athletics History

It May Be New, but it’s Just the Beginning!

East-West University was established in 1980 as a private, non-profit, non-denomination institution of higher learning. East-West University’s Athletics Department began a while later. With Tommie Posley starting at East-West University as Athletics Director and Head Coach in 2011, the sports teams at East-West University are fairly young. Nevertheless, do not let that fool you. They are building “legends-in-the-making” with players from all over the world, graduating very successful players on and off the courts of life, and the Athletics Department at East-West University has just begun! Let us take a look back at some memorable moments in East-West University’s Athletics Department.

Collage of East-West historical athletics photos

Athlete Testimonials

Not only do East-West University athletes graduate as successful young adults into rewarding careers, but they also leave East-West University with skills they learned both on and off the courts that they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

The impact they have from joining an East-West University team goes beyond the sweat and hard-working practices, beyond pushing themselves just a little bit further than the day before, and well beyond any wins or losses. They leave with a sense of worth — the realization that they are so very valuable!

Some student athletes go on to starting new careers, while others find that their careers are in continuing in their sports. Some of our East-West University athletes graduate and play professional ball overseas! Here are some athlete testimonials. Enjoy.

“Growing up I never had a father figure, so he’s the one I look up to. He’s the one that got me back into playing. I call him pops because that’s what he is, my pops.”

Devonte Smith

“When I first got here I was a bit out of shape. Coach makes us run every day so we’re the best we can be. I’m way better now because of all the training that we do.”

Sherman Carter

“These guys are like brothers. Outside of school we hangout. I’d give the shirt off my back for them."

Carl Moore

“If I wasn’t playing basketball at East-West, I would probably be coaching kids. I want to give back to the kids. It would be cool to show them what I’ve learned throughout the years.”

Bryan Asberry

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