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If you’re looking for world-class degree programs with a multi-cultural emphasis taught by industry experts at an affordable rate, see a brighter future at East-West University.

The East-West Difference

At East-West University, we provide world-class degree programs taught by industry experts. But what really sets EWU apart from other Illinois colleges and universities, is our commitment to providing each and every student with the personal guidance and support they need to succeed.


A easy bus, train or subway ride away


5th lowest graduate student debt


A bright future in a fulfilling career

Find New Direction at East-West

But what really sets East-West University apart from other Illinois colleges and universities is our resolve to give our students the personal guidance and support needed to make their way in the world and lead better lives.

We’re here for you.

From financial aid professionals focused on helping you pursue your education to instructors with the expertise, experience and compassion to guide and prepare you for success in a global society, we are committed to you.

Set your sights on a brighter future … chart your course at East-West University!

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HIV Awareness Presentation


  East-West University students got a visit from Chicago House’s Health Outreach Prevention And Education (H.O.P.E). H.O.P.E is a Chicago House provided evidence-based, sex-positive, community- and client-centered  prevention. H.O.P.E provides testing, linkage-to-care, and PrEP awareness & navigation services.  Presenters Julian Alvarado and Pamela Tassin spoke of the services meant to encourage practices to reduce HIV […]

East-West University 3 rd Annual Student Leadership Dinner


The 3 rd Annual Student Leadership Dinner was held at the Hilton Chicago on Thursday, November 16, 2017. Ms. Andrea Zopp, CEO of World Business Chicago was the Keynote Speaker. Mr. John Wells, General Manager of the Hilton Chicago was given the Chancellor’s award for his distinguished career at the Hilton Chicago and for his […]


March 14 – 3 on 3 Round II


The gallery was not found! EAST-WEST UNIVERSITY PRESENTS Marching into March Madness 3 on 3 Round II March 14, 2017 5 pm – 7 pm

March 15, 2017 – 3 Point Contest


The gallery was not found! EAST-WEST UNIVERSITY PRESENTS Marching into March Madness 3 Point Shootout March 15, 2017 5 pm – 7 pm   WINNER ANGEL GUZMAN 24 points – 1 Min High School Prospect

  • The Status of Immigrants and Religious Minorities in the Age of Trump


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As East-West graduate, I truly believe the courses helped me cultivate a solid foundation that has assisted me in my day-to-day activities.


Maria Silva-Young
Student, class of 2012

I will never forget my time at East-West University and the care of my professors in the quality of courses and their genuine care for my well-being. I am still reaching into my experiences there, in my current personal and professional life. One thing I took away from East-West is the cultivation of studying ancient and world  literature, which I believe provides perspectives of human history that are often taken for granted. I also truly believe that the English and Communications Degree Program is one of the most unique and I could not have asked for a better higher educational foundation.

melody johnson

Melody Johnson
Student, Class of 2008

My four years spent at East-West University was an exciting and enriching experience. I walked through the doors my freshman year ready to make changes in my life and with a serious commitment to my education; I knew EWU was the right place for me. I remember being early for class, waiting quietly in the hall and listening attentively to some professors’ lectures, feeling eager to one day register for their classes.


Fidel Love
Student, Class of 2011