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Proficiency Examination

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East-West University recognizes that some students have acquired proficiency in college-level material outside the traditional college classroom. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides these students with the opportunity to demonstrate their college-level learning through examinations that assess the knowledge and skills taught in common college courses. Students who pass CLEP examinations are awarded the number of credits suggested by the CLEP system. The academic credit awarded through CLEP is added in the number of credit hours earned, but not added to the quarter hours attempted, nor is it included in the grade point average.

The University may offer its own proficiency examinations for those courses for which CLEP examinations are not available. Credits earned through these examinations may be used to satisfy course requirements and credit hour requirements.

Students who wish to take proficiency examinations in these courses must follow these procedures:

  • Consult with the program director to find if a proficiency examination has been approved for the specific course.
  • Obtain permission from the program director to take the proficiency examination in that course.
  • Complete the application form available from the Registrar’s Office prior to the beginning of the quarter in which the proficiency examination is desired by the student.
  • Pay the appropriate fee in advance.
  • Take the examination on the prescribed date.

The academic credit awarded through the proficiency examination is added to the quarter hours earned but is not added to the quarter hours attempted, nor is it included in the grade point average. Proficiency examinations are subject to the following regulations:

  • Proficiency examinations may not be taken to improve grades or remove failures in courses.
  • A student may take a proficiency examination only once in each course approved for proficiency examination.
  • Proficiency examination does not count towards fulfillment of residency requirement for an associate or bachelor’s degree.
  • Proficiency examinations are generally administered on the Friday before the start of every term (excluding summer).
  • A student may be granted credit through proficiency examinations for a maximum of 20 credit hours.

A non-refundable fee is charged for each East-West University proficiency examination. If a course requires a laboratory demonstration, an additional laboratory fee may be charged.