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The following are the purposes in support of the University’s philosophy and mission:

To Provide Relevant, Effective and Convenient Education:

The founders of East-West University believe there will always be a need for colleges and universities which offer relevant, diversified, and attractive academic programs at convenient times and places, which employ effective modes of educational delivery, and which adopt a policy of low tuition and opportunities to seek financial aid. To meet the needs of students coming from different racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, the academic programs of East-West University encompass many aspects of human life. They include both liberal and professional education as well as studies related to the arts, family, and practical living so intellects are sharpened, perspectives broadened, and effectiveness in life and in vocations increased.

To Foster Equal Educational Opportunity for All Racial, Ethnic and Socio-Economic Groups:

The principle of equality of educational opportunity and of human worth is the centerpiece of all academic and fiscal planning of East-West University.

To Offer Programs in Liberal Arts and Sciences Along With Job and Career Related Professional Education Geared to the Service Economy of Modern Times:

Higher education plays an important part in the trend towards increasing consumption of professional services. Indeed, it is virtually the only source of personnel for such services. The production of services uses few raw materials and is remarkably clean in its environmental effects. Services, particularly of the professional type such as health care, business and engineering professions, entertainment and recreation, the arts, religion, government and education at all levels, are uniquely related to human welfare and to the development of human beings. They touch profoundly the lives of individuals and determine the range of personal opportunity.

To Cultivate Dedication to Serve Humankind With a Global, Multi-Cultural and Future-Oriented Perspective:

Also worthy of serious thought is a global, multi-cultural, and future-oriented perspective of higher learning that is often neglected in universities and colleges. We are living in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world in which exponential growth is causing a serious shrinkage of space and resources. Astonishing advances in scientific and technological innovations transgress, indeed in some cases obliterate, national boundaries. National interest can no longer be defined and attained in isolation from the global interest. If humankind is to survive in this fast changing world, we need a profound reshaping of higher education, so an international intellectual community can be created which has the ability to adapt to an uncertain future and which can innovate, improvise, and solve problems with no precedent. As its name connotes, East-West University strives to meet these goals in its educational, research, and informational programs. Its international faculty resources focus on building bridges of harmony and cooperation among nations and people of the East and of the West for a better understanding of the human family