Evaluation and Grading

Evaluation and Grading

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Student performance in a course is evaluated through standardized and instructor-developed tests, classroom performance in exercises and assignments, oral conferences, and/or other norm-referenced and criterion referenced measures. A permanent record of the grade in each course is maintained in the Registrar’s Office. Course outcomes are recorded on the official transcript by letter grades:

A (excellent)
B (good) C (average) D (lowest passing grade)
F (failure)
P (pass)
I (incomplete)
W (withdrawal)
AU (audit) GF (Grade Forgiveness)

A grade of W indicates official withdrawal from a course through the last day of the seventh week of classes. A student may not officially withdraw from any classes after the seventh week except in case of illness or serious injury causing incapacity before the end of the quarter. The grades of I, P, GF and W are not counted in the computation of the grade point average, but will be counted towards attempted hours.

A grade of I (incomplete) may be changed to A, B, C, or D if, within one quarter of the award of such a grade, the student satisfactorily completes all the course requirements. If the student fails to complete the work required within the following quarter (not including summer session), the incomplete will automatically be changed to F.

Incomplete grade does not affect the measures of quantitative and qualitative progress.

Students may choose to audit a course. Under this option the student’s obligation is to attend the class. Tests and other forms of evaluation are optional. No credit is earned, but an entry of AU (audit) is included on the permanent record. An AU cannot be converted into any other grade. Standard fees are charged for audited courses.

Both the grade point average during a particular quarter and a student’s cumulative grade point average are computed by:

  • Calculating quality points by multiplying the number of credit hours of a particular course by the numerical equivalent of the grade earned in the course (A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0, F=0.0),
  • Adding all the quality points of all the courses taken by the student at East- West University in which grades from A to F were earned, and
  • Dividing the total of quality points by the number of credit hours of all those courses.

Procedure for Recording Grades

Faculty members submit grades within 48 hours of the last day of the quarter. An instructor has one quarter to change incorrect grades. After the deadline is passed, a grade assigned by the instructor can be changed only by special petition to the Chief Academic Officer. An adjunct instructor cannot assign a grade of incomplete (I) to a student unless the instructor obtains consent from the Program Director.

Grade Appeals

Students contesting a grade must file a written appeal with the supporting documents to the Registrar’s Office within one quarter of receipt of that grade.