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Payment Options

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Students must pay all tuition and fees due and payable at the time of registration for every quarter under one of the following two options:

  1. Option one: Single payment of full tuition at the time of registration or prior to the beginning of the quarter.
  2. Option two: One-half of the tuition to be paid at the time of registration, one fourth of the tuition plus an additional charge of $30.00 four weeks after classes begin, and the remaining one fourth plus an additional charge of $30.00 seven weeks after classes begin.

Failure to pay all charges by the eighth week of the quarter might result in the student’s dismissal from all classes and the loss of academic credit for the quarter, unless the student makes arrangements with the Business Office. Interest will be charged on outstanding balances.

The Director of Financial Aid will verify in writing if the student is eligible to receive financial assistance, which will be credited to student’s account when received by the University.

In extenuating circumstances, the student may make special payment arrangements directly with the Business Office.

No student having any unpaid account will be issued an official transcript, letter of verification or diploma. Furthermore, students will not be allowed to register for any new quarter until all accounts for the preceding quarter are adjusted with the Business Office.

Students who are eligible to participate in the various financial aid programs available from the U.S. Department of Education and other government agencies are responsible for the timely submission of all forms, applications and documentation required by those agencies. If a student fails to submit the necessary materials by the proper deadlines and therefore is deemed ineligible for financial aid, the student then becomes solely responsible for making payments due to the University.