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More than 95% of East-West University students receive some form of financial aid. For many students, this support means the difference between an education and a dream shelved.

Lessen the growing distance between a student's ambition and the cost of obtaining a college degree.
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College education in the United States is facing growing threats. Your giving has the ability to help:

College tuition costs have steadily increased for decades, outpacing inflation. This has led to a growing problem of student loan debt, which can have long-term financial consequences for graduates. Many families and students struggle to afford higher education, even with financial aid and scholarships.

The high cost of college education has resulted in a student debt crisis, with millions of Americans carrying significant student loan debt. This debt can delay major life milestones such as homeownership, marriage, and starting a family, and it can also limit career choices.

Access to higher education is not equal for all. There are serious disparities in educational outcomes based on race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and geography. These disparities can perpetuate inequality and limit opportunities for underrepresented groups.

In some cases, the government cut funding for higher education, leading to budget constraints at public colleges and universities. This can result in higher tuition rates, reduced services, and overcrowded classrooms.

One-time Donations

Leadership level supporters who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more to East-West University send an explicit message, through their generous support, that East-West possesses a fantastic opportunity to share its ideals with a global audience.

Monthly Giving

Becoming a Sustainer is easy, convenient, and secure. Sustainers make ongoing credit or debit card donations to East-West University every month. Recurring giving provides dependable funding for the University and its programs while minimizing fundraising costs, so donations can directly support East-West University students.

Designated Giving Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted funds allow East-West University to identify and use funds when time-sensitive, current needs at the University are the greatest. Your contribution can help East-West University to expand its capacity and at the same time help with its urgent needs.

Scholarships Fund

Access to an affordable, quality education is critical for ensuring that young people can compete in today’s economy. The lack of funding for scholarships makes it increasingly difficult for students, especially from low-income households, to attend college. Your contribution can assist young people in their journey to attain a college degree.

Student Activities Fund

The Student Activities Fund enhances students’ engagement with their fellow students and the University. Funds provided may contribute towards projects such as the expansion of a tutoring program, a mentoring program, or a new athletic program such as football or soccer. Your contribution can help students have a better sense of purpose and performance at the University.

Alumni Fund

East-West University’s Alumni Association is growing every year. Many of East-West’s graduates have flourished since receiving their education from the University.  As an alumni, your contribution can assist in expanding the network of other alumni and their involvement with the University and its programs.

Your Support Matters More Than Ever

Higher U.S. education faces several daunting challenges in the years ahead. Over the next ten years, $89 billion in government cuts to higher education are proposed, while in the last nine years, the cost to educate a student has increased by 20 percent. Despite increasing costs and decreasing government support, a college education is a requirement for the modern workforce with 64 percent of all jobs require some college education in 2020. In 1970, 74% of the middle class comprised people with a high school diploma or less; in 2007, that number fell to 39%. Donors help bridge the gap for students facing ever growing costs and proposed future declines in aid.

Percentage of the middle class with a high school diploma or less





Hear the inspiring stories of students who changed the course of their lives at East-West University

Watasha Hall

Watasha Hall (CIS)

Watasha's Story I graduated #1 in my class in 2004 with a BS in Computer Science.  I'll never forget when we gathered in the auditorium and it was announced I'd be speaking to my fellow classmates at graduation.  I was shocked only because I hadn't ...
Berha Salman

Berha Salman

Berha's Story To be continued! That is what I want the title of this article to be, even though I graduated, which I am proud of myself for as it is such an achievement while being grateful for the immense support around me, I am ...
Christian Lopez

Christian Lopez (EET)

Christian's Story I'd like to thank all the professors that helped us get to this point, who never gave up on us, and kept pushing us to be better. First off, I would like to thank the faculty in the electronics engineering department, and especially ...
Rose Lloyd-Williams

Rose Lloyd-Williams

Rose's Story "The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to those who endureth to the end." - Even if you're not the smartest, strongest, or most knowledgeable, God can give you good success when you depend on His grace. This ...

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East-West University is a private, non-profit, non-denominational accredited institution of higher learning. Since its founding in 1980, the University is dedicated to providing quality affordable education to students from all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. East-West provides relevant education in the liberal arts, sciences, and career-related areas such as electronics, computer science, and business. The University instills in its students a global and multicultural perspective with an emphasis on service to the community.

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