Instructional System

Instructional System

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Characteristics of the Instructional System

The more important characteristics of the University’s instructional system are the following:

  • Courses are offered in the day and evening to fit time preferences of the majority of students.
  • The instructional methods are reviewed periodically, so students have the benefit of effective learning settings.
  • Academic support services help instructors incorporate technological and pedagogical innovations and resources in their teaching.
  • Students and faculty are encouraged to adopt the spirit and practice of learned inquiry and contribute to research and publications as far as possible.
  • The existence of administrative core group, faculty council and curriculum committee ensures participatory academic governance.
  • The University’s annual schedule is comprised of three quarters of 11 weeks each and a summer session which varies in duration.
  • Research and publication programs, institutes and centers of different area studies and national and international level conferences and symposia organized on a continuing basis over time are other salient features of the University’s educational delivery system.
  • Small class sizes.

The University’s organization includes students, faculty, staff, administrators, directors and trustees, and interested community members working together in a closely integrated manner and interacting in university governance. The receptiveness to each other’s evaluation in terms of expectancies and commitments made creates a high level of accountability in the development and implementation of plans related to the instructional system.