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Finances: Tuition and Fees Structure

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The tuition and fees listed below are applicable for 2023-24 academic year.

Application for admission fee (non-refundable)* $40.00
Application for admission fee for foreign students residing in the U.S (non-refundable)* $40.00
Application processing fee for students abroad (non-refundable)* $300.00
Registration fee per quarter (non-refundable) $15.00
Late registration fee applied during the first week of quarter (non-refundable) $200.00
Tuition per quarter hour $780.00
Tuition per quarter for students taking 10 to 16 credit hours (Full-time status requires at least 12 credit hours.) $7800.00
Laboratory fee per course $200.00
Change of schedule fee $20.00
Non-refundable fee per quarter hour for proficiency examination $125.00
Life experience assessment fee per quarter hour of credit earned by student $200.00
University services fee $435.00
Replacement fee for student ID $10.00
Graduation fee** $250.00
Diploma replacement fee $125.00
Diploma presentation fee $60.00
Transcript fee (3-5 business days) $5.00
Urgent next-day request transcript fee $20.00
Returned check fee $50.00
Mailing fee out of U.S. $75.00
Airport Pick-up fee $100.00
Credit card processing fee on total payment 3.5%
Collection agency fee on total debt 25%

* These fees are payable once and include the cost of processing the application.
** Graduation fees provide for the diploma, cap and gown, and commencement exercises. It is payable at least one month before graduation.