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Student Policies

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All students enrolled at East-West University may rightfully expect that faculty and administrators of the University will maintain the conditions which facilitate learning. Students are encouraged to exercise their right to free inquiry and free speech in a reasonable and peaceful manner

Standards of Student Conduct

All persons shall respect and obey civil and criminal laws and shall be subject to legal penalties for violation of the laws of the city, county, state, or the nation. All persons shall obey the rules, regulations and policies of the University. Violation of such rules and regulations, which include but are not limited to the following, may result in disciplinary action including probation, suspension and/or dismissal:

  • Failure to display University ID while on campus.
  • Unauthorized presence on or use of University property.
  • Dishonesty such as cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the University administration or faculty.
  • Forging, altering or misusing any University document or identification card.
  • Willful disobedience to directions of University officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  • Obstruction or disruption of classes, administration or any authorized University activity. Theft or deliberate damage to property belonging to the University, a member of the University community or a campus visitor.
  • Smoking on the University campus.
  • Assaulting, threatening, harassing or endangering the health or safety of any individual.
  • Using, possessing or distributing alcoholic beverages on University premises or at functions authorized by the University.
  • Using, possessing or distributing any illegal controlled substance on the University campus or at an activity authorized by the University.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal controlled substance on the University campus or at an activity authorized by the University.
  • Possessing or using firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other objects that might be used as lethal weapons on the University campus or at functions authorized by the University.
  • Discriminatory behavior while on the University campus or at an activity authorized by the University which is inconsistent with the University, city, county, state, or federal non- discrimination policies and statutes.
  • Threatening or using physical force, obstructing or attempting to obstruct any student or instructor from attending or instructing classes at the University.
    Threatening or using physical force, obstructing or attempting to obstruct employees of the University from the performance of their duties.
  • Dressing in blatantly inappropriate attire.

Violation of the above code stipulations may also lead to the termination of a student’s federal, state, and institutional financial aid and/or scholarship. The Student Conduct Committee decides on most violations. Depending on the severity of the violation, immediate action may be taken by the Committee.

Disciplinary Action

Students are required to abide by the rules, regulations and principles of the University as stated in the Student Handbook and other University publications. They are expected to conduct themselves at all times and in all places with propriety. A breach of University rules or conduct prejudicial to the interests of the University may require appearance before the Student Conduct Committee. This Committee is composed of faculty, administrative staff members and students. All concerned parties will appear before the Committee and abide by the action taken. The Student Conduct Committee decisions can be arbitrated through the Office of the Provost or the Office of the Chancellor. All appeals must be submitted in writing. A student dismissed from the University for reasons other than academic work will be required to appear before the Student Conduct Committee for re-entrance. Additional information and details are available in the Student Handbook.

Responsibility for Loss or Damage

The University is not responsible for any personal injury or the loss of personal property on the premises of the University, whether such injury or loss occurs by theft, fire or otherwise. Students will be personally responsible for any damage caused by them to laboratory equipment, furniture, facilities or any other University property and will be charged for such damage. Charges of this kind will be treated as a regular fee and must be paid by the end of the term during which such damage was caused or assessed. Financial aid will not cover for the charges incurred.

Drug Free Campus

East-West University adheres to, supports and is in full compliance with the requirements that maintain it as a drug-free institution of higher learning.

Smoking Policy

The East-West University campus is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is not permitted on the University campus and off-campus sponsored activities.