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The University welcomes students from all over the world. Any student who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or its territories will be considered an international student. All international students transferring from another U.S. institution or coming directly from abroad are encouraged to contact the International Student Advisor as soon as they decide to study at East-West University. In addition to the standard requirements, international student applicants must complete the following steps before they are accepted for admission and before a U.S. immigration form I-20 is issued:

  • Submit the East-West University international application for admission with the non-refundable processing fee.
  • Submit a financial affidavit of support from a parent, guardian, sponsor or government agency.
  • Submit original and English translation of official transcripts from secondary school through college level.
  • Submit the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) results for students from non-English speaking countries.
    • Upon arrival at the University, the students are required to take the University placement tests, unless they can demonstrate TOFEL score of at least 520 (score of 200 on the computer based test) or they are transferring at least 12-quarter hours of college level credit in English with grades of C or better from an accredited U.S. institution.
  • Submit a transfer release form for transferring students to East-West University. Transfer release forms are obtained from the International Student Advisor of East-West University.

International students arriving from abroad should immediately contact the University to arrange for classes and other necessary matters. For additional information, please consult the International Student Advisor. The University will issue an I-20 form upon the receipt of all necessary documents and associated fees. For employment authorization, the I-20 will be endorsed only after the student completes one full year of study (three quarters). Likewise, a transfer I-20 will be issued only after one full year of study at East-West University.

Effective Fall 2018 quarter, you are allowed to take vacation in Summer Quarter. Due to extenuating circumstances, i.e. illness in family, emergency leave can only be approved by the International Student Advisor with proper documentation. It is mandatory that proper permission is granted so you can maintain your F1 status.