International Admissions

International Admissions

Study at East-West University in Chicago

East-West University welcomes applicants from all over the world to its campus located in Chicago. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion has created a community that values and encourages global perspectives, and we are proud to welcome students from diverse national, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. As an international student, you will have access to a top-notch education and a wide range of equitable learning experiences with the affordable tuition.

Please call for more information at 312-939-0111 ext. 1830.

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International Admissions and Advising Office

Mrs. Katarzyna M. Petek / Kate
Director / SEVIS DSO Campus Official
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International Tuition

International Student Tuition for 2023-2024 is $8250 per quarter.

This cost includes tuition and fees. International Students are eligible to receive an institutional scholarship of up to 30% of tuition.

Did You Know?

East-West University has one of the most affordable tuitions of any private university in the Chicago area.

Application Requirements

International students seeking admissions to East-West University must complete the steps below for admission.

International students must fill and submit a complete application for admissions. Apply online here or email [email protected] if you need to request a copy. All sections on the application form are important and must be filled correctly. Any part unfilled or filled with misleading or inaccurate information may jeopardize consideration for admissions to the University. On the application, please be certain to indicate your name and address with telephone number, the term in which you plan to enter, your country of birth and citizenship, your intended major, and your date of birth (month, day, year). Also, the list of high school and college or university you have attended. Your signature at the bottom of the application form is required. If you have any difficulties filling out the application, please contact us.

International students are required to pay an application fee of $300 US to the University as a nonrefundable processing fee. The fee should be paid by a money order or a cashier’s check made payable to East-West University.

A prospective international/foreign student is required to demonstrate Proof of Availability of Funds when he/she applies for an F-1 student visa in or outside of the United States. USCIS (United States Custom and Immigration Services) Counselors/Officers at the local US Embassy need to be sure that the student can live in the US and pay his/her tuition without working. Proof of Availability of Funds can be demonstrated either by Prospective Student directly or through Sponsorship. A prospective student (18 years old or above) can provide a letter from his/her bank showing availability of funds in the account under his/her name. The total balance of all the accounts should be larger than $36,000. The bank can be located either in the United States or outside of the United States, but the letter has to be either in English or translated to English by a notarized translator. All balances in the accounts need to be stated in or translated into dollars.

To provide Proof of Funds through sponsorship, a US citizen or a legal resident of the US must fill out an Affidavit of Support (I-134 form) where he/she declares intent to support the student with the tuition, room and board and living costs. Form I-134 does not constitute a legal obligation but is solely a declaration of intent. The sponsor also needs to provide a letter from his bank, reflecting the existence of funds (minimum $36,000, preferably in a savings account, plus $5,000 additional for each dependent, like spouse or children). The sponsor also has to provide a letter from his/her employer (stating annual salary) or a copy of the prior year’s federal tax return.

In cases where parents will sponsor the student, they need to make an official declaration (a letter notarized by a Public Notary) that they will provide support with room and board, living and transportation; and they will also cover the tuition for the entire duration of study. Parents also have to provide a letter from the bank showing the current balance ($36,000 or above per student). The letter should be in English, notarized by Public Notary. The student needs to present her/his birth certificate as well.

Official high school or college/university transcripts are required. They must be in English. Transcripts from foreign universities must be evaluated by an acceptable US-based agency, such as Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. to transfer credits to East-West University.

The TOEFL is not required for admissions at East-West University. However, students are encouraged to take the test and submit results for evaluation and placements. The TOEFL score for East-West University is 65 (if available). All incoming students are required to take the University math and English placement tests.

Non-immigrants admitted to the United States temporarily to pursue full-time academic studies in colleges, universities, seminaries, conservatories, academic high schools, other academic institutions, and in language training fall under the F-1 category. This visa will be issued to the prospective student by an American embassy or consulate after a thorough interview. East-West University will issue an I-20 form, upon the completion of the admissions process and payment of processing fees (mentioned above).

The acceptance letter, I-20 form, an affidavit of support and bank statements in original should be taken to the US Embassy/Consulate in the student’s country of residence to request the F-1 visa. The passport should be valid for at least 3 or more years. The consulate officials will issue a visa if you can demonstrate to them that you have a sufficiently strong family, social, or economic ties to your place of residence to ensure your return after completion of studies.

There is also a fee of $350 (paid through, after the I-20 is issued, using ATM card/credit card), which the government charges for registering a new student in the SEVIS system (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System).

The official title of SEVIS form I-20 is “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status-For Academic and Language Studies”. This form tells USCIS (United States Citizen & Immigration Services) who you are, where do you live, what would you like to study, how long your studies are going to take, and how you are going to pay for your tuition, room, and board while you are in school. If you are granted F-1 status, your form I-20 is the most important document you will possess. Current form I-20 also serves as evidence of the legality of your presence in the U.S.

Once the student arrives in the U.S., he or she must continue studies at East-West University without interruption for at least one quarter.

International transfer students applying to East-West University need to turn in the following information and materials:

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Send official secondary/high school transcripts if you have completed less than 20 transferable credit hours.
  3. Submit official transcripts for all institutions attended outside of the United States as well as official transcripts for all U.S. institutions attended. Transfer applicants need to request a Course-by-Course Evaluation from ECE or WES to complete their application. Students who decide to enroll will be required to submit a Catalog Match Evaluation in order to receive credit for any courses taken abroad.
  4. Demonstrate English Proficiency if applicable by submitting one of the following:
  • Official TOEFL score (score of 79 or higher)
  • Official IELTS score (score of 6.5 or higher)
  • Official Pearson Test of English (score of 53 or higher)
  • Official SAT or ACT score 
  • Official Duolingo English Test (score of 120 or higher)
  • Successful completion of English Composition I & II at a U.S. institution with a grade of B or higher

Students requiring a visa will receive more information from the International Student Advisor on their next steps once they have received their admission decision. Students should be prepared to complete a financial declaration form, supporting documents showing funds available for the total cost of the year of study, and a copy of the ID page from your passport. These items are not required to receive an admission decision.

International transfers might need to take placement exams in math, English, or writing. The results are used to place students in the courses appropriate to their skill level and understanding. In some cases, this includes a non-credit ESL class or introductory math class.

Burinove Gulnaz

I chose to attend East-West University BHS as it offers a great educational and knowledgeable experience.

Burinova Gulnaz

International Student, BHS

International student support at EWU is comprehensive and connected.

Mazidatou Aramide Ayoko Abogourin

International Student, CIS
Thakkar Niraliben

The reason why I came to EWU in Chicago is because I want to upgrade my career.

Thakkar Niraliben

International Student, EET
Shah Rohil

My journey at East-West University was nothing short of a soaring adventure.

Shah Rohil

International Student, CIS
Jani Khushi

Attending East-West University's Business program is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Jani Khushi

International Student, Business

One of the best thing about East-West University BIO is that you are constantly sharing experiences with soon-to-be RN Nurses.

Noori Arshia

International Student, Biology

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