Business Administration (Catalog)

Business Administration


The Business and Management division offers a program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration. The BS degree program provides students with a broad base of knowledge in the business disciplines, to prepare them for career possibilities in business-related areas, to provide them with the fundamental skills necessary to participate in a civil society, and to provide a foundation for further studies and graduate professional work.

The BS degree in Business Administration offers students diversified and challenging core courses that all East- West University business students must take as well as specialty courses providing them with a solid foundation in business theory and applications.

In addition to traditional courses like accounting, economics, finance, and management, students also take courses in other challenging areas such as digital and social media marketing, personal financial planning, forensic accounting, and international business. The objective of these courses is to provide students with a diverse background of current business topics. Current events are covered in every class as the opportunity arises. In a global and diverse society, it is imperative to bring and discuss critical issues in the classroom as they are occurring in real time. Many career- oriented publications speak of verbal communication as one of the main traits prospective applicants must possess.

Courses in the Business Administration department at EWU are not traditional lecture classes. Because of small class size, students will participate and become active and engaged learners and will develop excellent verbal and written communication skills. They will also learn to work together in real and virtual teams, acquiring skill sets that will become invaluable in today's ever-changing job market and society. The program integrates a strong global theme that runs throughout the business curriculum. Students are encouraged to take classes in negotiation, intercultural communication, and social media as part of the Business degree plan.

The concentration areas of the program are accounting and finance, forensic studies, general business, international business, management, digital and social media marketing and healthcare administration. The accounting and finance concentration offers students a solid survey of both fields and helps them see the relationship between the two. General business, international business, and management concentrations are interdisciplinary in nature. Forensic studies offer courses in criminal tax practice and procedure and fraud investigation. Students have the opportunity to take an elective course in criminal justice as well. General business requires courses from accounting, finance, international business, management, marketing, forensic studies, and digital and social media marketing for a well- rounded grounding in the Business arena. A general business concentration is also available which is designed for the student who wishes to be a generalist.

The digital and social media program is especially designed for students who wish to work in that burgeoning area of endeavor so critical in today's world. The focus is on practical experience connecting theory to real-world experience. Courses in finance, marketing and wealth creation are specifically designed to give students a heads up on the competition when they look for a position. The international business concentration requires courses in international business, economics, finance, and intercultural communication. Students with a concentration in management have an option to take courses in either psychology or sociology besides more traditional management courses like organizational behavior. And students can choose a unique course like Sports and Entertainment Management or Marketing as well as courses in team- building and intercultural communication.

Throughout the business curriculum there is an emphasis on ethics. East-West University follows the trends in American business closely. The curriculum incorporates changes in the business environment as they occur. All classes in the business area use case studies to present real-life ethical dilemmas. English, writing, communication, and analytical thinking skills are emphasized. The program carefully builds on general education requirements and takes advantage of the liberal arts base of the institution to provide a balanced education for the student. Effective written communication and writing is a significant component in every business course. The BS degree is cross-curricular. Students have opportunities and flexibility to take classes that are applicable to their major in outside departments such as Behavioral Sciences, English and Communications, and Computer and Information Science.

Graduates of the East-West University Business Administration program will:

  • Apply fundamental knowledge concerning the related fields in business administration by emphasizing the tools and technology essential for problem solving and decision making.
  • Develop competencies necessary for accomplishing managerial goals. Extend their knowledge, expertise and skills through application of research to business problems and issues.
  • Understand the entrepreneurial concepts of business.
  • Obtain experience in the design and implementation of communication, verbal, oral and virtual, in the broad field of business administration.
  • Develop their ability to understand the changing environment of US and international business together with their analytical and written communication skills for further graduate or professional study.
  • Develop skills necessary to work in real and virtual teams.
  • Demonstrate the importance of the role of business ethics in today's world.
  • Demonstrate ways current economic and business events impact the society as a whole in a diverse learning environment.
  • Demonstrate how to use social media tools and techniques appropriately in the current business environment.
  • Understand the importance of diversity in the operation of a successful business in the profit and non-profit sectors.

Graduates of this program will have a significant number of career opportunities. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Accountant and auditor
  • Forensic accountant
  • Bank officer (management or operations) Entrepreneur
  • Financial analyst Small business owner
  • Management consultant
  • Entrepreneurship manager
  • Principal of an entrepreneurship company
  • Public relations professional
  • Advertising professional
  • Marketing manager
  • Federal, state or local government official
  • Digital and social media marketing professional

Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration requires a minimum of 180 credit hours distributed as follows:

64 credit hours in the University's general education core courses which should include:

20 credit hours in English and Communications of a level higher than EN150, specified as EN151, EN152, EN157, EN166, HM491, and one course from EN154 and EN213

20 credit hours in Mathematics and Science

*12 credit hours in Mathematics of a level higher than MT150, specified as MT153, MT155, and MT 221

*8 credit hours: any courses from BL, CH, ET and PH.

20 credit hours in Behavioral Sciences and Humanities

*HM279, and any four courses from

EN, HS, HM, IS, PL, PS, SC or SP

4 credit hours in Computer and Information Science, CI101 required which can be waived by examination.

68 credit hours in Business Administration core courses specified as follows: AC101, AC102, AC207, BS101, BS201, BS205, BS210, BS321, BS350, BS441, CI213, EC201, EC202, FN201, MN201, MR201, and MT200.

24 credit hours in an area of concentration selected from one of the following:

Accounting and Finance

The required courses are AC303, AC401, EN370 and 3 Finance courses of 300 level or higher.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

The required courses are MR 311, MR 340, EN370, EN371, EN373 and any two 300-400 level BS, EC, FN, MN and MR courses.

Forensic Studies

The required courses are AC320, AC330, AC340, AC420 and any two 300-400 level AC,BS,MR,EC,FN, MN or CJ courses approved by the Program Director.

General Business

The required courses are BS421, EN370, FN205 or FN302, MN341 or MN421, two additional electives in AC, BS, MR, or MN of 300-400 level or EN371 and EN373 or EN380.

International Business

The required courses are BS421, EC 311 or MR355, EC431, EN370, EN373, EN380 or FN341.


The required courses are EN370, MN310, MN312, MN316, and any two 300-400. MN courses or one MN course and EN371 or EN373.

Healthcare Administration

The required courses are HCM200,HCM310,HCM320, HCM330,HCM340,HCM350/MN312,HCM400,EN370 and EN373.

Elective Courses (24 credit hours)

12 hours of 300/400 level courses and 12 hours of any other level courses

The following is a sample outline of the graduation requirements of BS degree in Business Administration (Minimum 180 credit hours):

General Education Core Courses

(64 credit hours)

English and Communications
EN151 Rhetoric and Style
EN152 Writing from Sources
EN166 Speech
HM491 Senior Seminar

* One course from EN154 and EN157

Mathematics and Science
MT153 General Education Math
MT155 Intermediate Algebra
MT221 Fundamentals of Statistics

* Any courses from BL, CH, ET and PH

Behavioral Sciences and Humanities
HM279 East-West Signature Course

Computer and Information Science
(4 credit hours)


Computer Technology and Applications

* CI101 can be waived by placement test

Business Administration Courses
(92 credit hours)

Business Core Courses
AC101 Financial Accounting I
AC102 Financial Accounting II
AC207 Managerial Accounting I
BS101 Introduction to Business
BS201 Entrepreneurship
BS205 Business Communications
BS210 Business Law
BS321 International Business
BS350 Business Ethics
BS441 Strategic Management and Policy
CI213 Desktop Spreadsheet Application
EC201 Principles of Micro-economics
EC202 Principles of Macro-economics
FN201 Principles of Corporate Finance
MN201 Principles of Management
MR201 Principles of Marketing
MT200 Business Calculus

(68 credit hours)

Area of Concentration
(24 credit hours)

Select from the following concentrations:
AC303 Intermediate Accounting I
AC401 Auditing Theory
EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building

Accounting and Finance

* Any three 300-400 level Finance courses

Digital and Social Media Marketing
MR311 Public Relations
MR340 Marketing Research
EN371 Social Media in Today's Workplace
EN370 or EN373 Group Dynamics and Team Building/ Intercultural Communication

* Any two 300-400 level BS, EC, FN, MN and MR courses.

Forensic Studies
AC320 Forensic Accounting
AC330 Criminal Tax Practice and Procedure
AC340 Principles of Fraud Investigation I
AC420 Current Topics and Cases in Forensic Accounting

* Any two 300-400 level AC, BS, EC, FN, MN, MR or CJ courses

General Business
BS421 Current Topics in International Business
EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building
FN205 or FN302 Personal Finance Planning/ Stock Market and Investments
MN341 or MN421 Ethical Leadership/Current Topics in Management

* Any 300-400 level AC, BS, MN or MR course

** EN371 or EN373 or EN380
BS421 Current Topics in International Business
EC311 or MR355 Comparative Economic Systems/ International Marketing Strategies
EC431 International Economics
EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building
EN373 Intercultural Communication
FN341 or EN380 International Finance/ Negotiation
International Business Management
EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building
MN310 Organization Theory and Development
MN312 Human Resource Management
MN316 Current Issues in Labor and Management Law
EN371 or EN373 Social Media in Today’s Workplace/ Intercultural Communication

*one 300-400 level MN course

Elective Courses

24 credit hours of electives of which

12 credit hours must be at the 300-400 level

Office Administration

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Office Administration


The Office Administration program leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree in Office Administration. The program familiarizes students with current technologies and procedures of today’s work environment in real or virtual settings and develops skills in a wide variety of corporate communication methodologies. Graduates can seek a terminal degree or enter into the corporate work force. A mandatory internship is a required part of the curriculum. The program will prepare students to work in virtual teams and in telecommunicating careers as well. This program seamlessly articulates into a four year terminal degree in Business Administration or English and Communications.


The basic objectives of the Office Administration program are to teach the students:

  • Standard professional business communication
  • Use of data, word processing, presentation and desktop publishing software
  • Use of professional multimedia software Use of appropriate social media tools and skills required for telecommunicating careers
  • Corporate and intercultural communication: techniques and practice
  • Business etiquette and ethics.
  • Some of the many careers open to graduates with the Associate of Applied
  • Science degree in Office Administration are the following:
  • Administrative and executive assistants
  • Office managers Desktop publishers Multimedia specialists
  • Corporate communication specialists concentrating in marketing, public relations and advertising.

The AAS degree in Office Administration
Requires a minimum of 92 credit hours distributed as follows:

General Education Core
(28 credit hours)

28 credit hours in the University’s general education core courses should include:

English and Communications
EN151 Rhetoric and Style
EN152 Writing from Sources
EN166 Speech

(4 credit hours)

Biological or Physical Sciences
(4 credit hours)

HM279 East-West Signature Course
Computer and Information Science
CI101 Computer Technology and Applications
Cognate or Supporting Fields
AC101 Financial Accounting I
BS101 Introduction to Business
MN201 Principles of Management
MR201 Principles of Marketing
Major Field of Concentration
BS205 Business Communications
BS350 Business Ethics
CI105 Web Page Design
EN154 Technical Communication
EN228 Desktop Publishing
EN370 Group Dynamics and Team Building
EN371 Social Media in Today’s Workplace
OA109 or CI213 Windows, Word, Excel/Desktop Spreadsheet Application
OA110 or CI214 Access, Powerpoint, Outlook/ Desktop Database Management
OA231 or CP300 Special Projects in Office Administration or Cooperative Education I

(8 credit hours)

Select from multimedia or business courses

Alumni & Students

Jiaxin Li

Jiaxin Li

Before attending East-West University, I attended college in China. I heard about EWU from my uncle and knew it would be a good opportunity to expand my knowledge and prepare for my career.

I am studying Management in the business program and ultimately would like to use these skills to pursue my dream of becoming a designer. I have learned a lot in my classes and courses like Accounting teach skills that I will continue to use.

In China, my parents and teachers always told me that through studying, one gains success and fortunes will follow. Reading brings us everything. At East-West University, I am studying hard to prepare for my future.

Justyna Bronska

Justyna Bronska

I came to East-West after studying in the ESL program at Triton College. I received a scholarship for international students and was also hired as an international student advisor. I’ve always wanted to be successful regardless of the obstacles in place and exceed expectations. My experience at East-West University has changed my approach toward life and my responsibilities.

I’m studying in the Business program to obtain a management position. An important lesson I’ve learned at EWU is that I am responsible for my own future. I am committed to finishing my degree and have obtained the self-discipline to do so as I’ve made progress in my program. When I graduate, I would like to travel, have a family, and buy a house. Studying business at EWU will give me the tools to succeed.

Greg Williams

Greg Williams

I could not pass up the opportunity to return to school at East-West. I chose EWU because of its academics, location, and affordability.

East-West has helped me be successful by making it possible for me to both work and go to school. The instructors are experienced have encouraged me to pursue a career in Accounting. I have really enjoyed my experience here and would like to go to graduate school after I finish. My professor always said to ‘be the captain of your own ship.’ At East-West University, I am afforded the opportunity to do so.