Liberal Arts Academics

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree requires students to earn 92 credit hours (equivalent to 23 courses at 4 credit hours each), in the following three categories:

1. General Education courses (44 credit hours). Specifically, these 44 credits must be as follows:

2. Liberal Arts and Sciences courses (40 credit hours). Programs included are Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Economics, English and Communications, History, Humanities, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology, including HM280

  • 12 credit hours in English and Communications (to be selected from EN151, EN152, and EN166)
  • 12 credit hours in Mathematics and the Biological and Physical Sciences (including one course in mathematics higher than MT150 and one course in science)
  • 4 credit hours in HM279 (the East-West Signature Course)
  • 8 credit hours in the Behavioral Sciences (economics, political science, psychology, and sociology)
  • 8 credit hours in Computer and Information Science, including CI101.

3. Free electives (8 credit hours).

AA-Liberal Arts-Program Sheet