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Cooperative Education

Internships are offered to East-West students through Cooperative Education classes CP300 and CP301.

Catalog description:

CP300 Cooperative Education 1.  Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing.  Students apply what they have learned in their academic programs to the workplace under the supervision of both the employer and the University.  Cooperative education objectives are particularized in accordance with demands of the workplace and career needs of the students.

CP301 Cooperative Education 2. Prerequisite: CP300.  Continuation of CP300.  The course requires students to assume greater responsibility and achieve more complex objectives than in the previous course.

A success story: Kala Johnson, a sophomore in the Business Administration program, received an internship opportunity at the Walt Disney World Resort through the Disney College Program.  Congratulations, Kala!

For more details about CP300 and CP301 contact Dr. Carolyn Stevenson: room W410 or via e-mail

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