Math is exciting! Math is challenging! Math will help determine the future of our great country. The need for mathematicians in the fields of computer science, engineering, and education will continue to increase dramatically well into the 21st century. Your mathematics degree is the key to successfully entering these well-paying, prestigious fields.  As the country makes advances in its technology, mathematicians, teachers, and scientists will be in great demand and can expect to command attractive salaries.

One of the best places to earn your bachelor’s degree in mathematics is at East-West University.  Courses are offered in both theoretical and applied mathematics to meet the needs of students in different academic and career areas. 


Why should you consider the Mathematics Department at East-West University? Here are some good reasons.

 1. The faculty is dedicated to its students and provides extensive resources to support their success.

 2. The faculty will get to know you and work closely with you. You are not just a number; you receive personalized attention.

 3. The department is committed to your success, a fact exemplified by the outstanding Tutoring Program designed to complement your in-class training.

 4. Technology is integrated into many of the courses providing students with experience using computers,same as they would in the workplace. 


The Department of Mathematics offers three main options listed below:

Specialized classes in math that will prepare students who major in other disciplines to increase their effectiveness in their own particular fields.

An Associate of Arts degree program in which a general liberal arts education can be combined with a solid background in mathematics.

A Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in mathematics, which prepares the student for a math-related career.





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