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If you’re looking for an accredited Illinois math degree program here in Chicago, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics or your Associate of Arts in Mathematics at East-West University. Our Mathematics Program aims to provide quality education to a diverse student body using wide ranging and experiential classroom interventions – the kind of education that translates into opportunities for life-long learning and careers in high-growth fields. If you’re looking for jobs with a Math degree, you’re likely looking at technology, computer science, engineering and even education.


Our Chicago Mathematics degree program strives to create and maintain a challenging, yet supportive learning environment which facilitates student growth. Courses are offered in both theoretical and applied mathematics to meet the needs of students in different academic and career areas.

Why should you consider the Mathematics Department at East-West University? Some good reasons:

  •  We are dedicated to the students at East-West University, and provide many resources, like tutoring services, to support their success.
  •  We have small class sizes, to ensure that each student receives one-on-one attention with instructors.
  •  Technology is integrated into many of the courses, providing students with experience using computers, same as they would in the workplace.
  •  At East-West University, we do not treat our students as “numbers”; we work closely with them and we know their names.

The Department of Mathematics offers three main options listed below:

  •  Specialized classes in Mathematics that will prepare students who are majoring in other disciplines to increase their effectiveness in the fields they are pursuing.
  •  An Associate of Arts degree program, which a liberal arts education can be combined with a solid background in Mathematics.
  •  A Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in Mathematics, which prepares the student for a math-related career.

The aim of the Math Department is to successfully prepare you to move into careers of the future with a solid foundation in mathematics and relevant technologies. These include jobs in fields such as:

  •  Accounting
  •  Computer Programming
  •  Actuarial Work
  •  Teaching
  •  Engineering
  •  Economics
  •  Physical and Social Sciences
  •  Statistics

  For more information, contact Dr. Supha PhinaitrupDirector of Math Dept.  T:312-939-0111 ext. 2207

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