Ayana HigginsAyana's Story

Since I started my freshman year of college it has been a roller coaster because I was having some health issues and it brought me to attending three different schools. The reason I chose to attend East-West is because my mama attended this school years ago, but she couldn’t finish due to health reasons. Now being the first generation to get my degree makes me feel like I am unstoppable because I’ve had many times when I wanted to give up on everything. Years ago women were treated as maids and they couldn’t do the same work as men, but they worked their butts off to get them an education. The movie that best shows that is called “Hidden Figures” and when I watch that movie it brings tears to my eyes. I had to remember that I wasn’t only doing this for myself, I was also doing it for my mother because she can’t go back to school to finish. I’ve always lived my a mato saying “can’t stop won’t stop” and it has brought me this far to the point where I’m going to walk across that stage to receive my bachelor in Criminal Justice. I’m glad to announce that I will be attending Loyola University for my masters in social work/child’s law and policy because I want to help kids.