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Business Administration

The Business and Management Department offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or an Associate of Applied Science in Office Administration. Programs for both business administration degrees consist of diversified and challenging set of core courses that prepare East-West University business students for action in the workplace. Courses in the Business Department at EWU are not traditional lecture classes. Instead, faculty utilize real-world examples and exercises to engage students. Small class sizes and individualized attention encourage active student participation.

An East-West University BSBA graduate will have a significant number of career opportunities. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    • Accountant
    • Bank Officer (Management or Operations)
    • Entrepreneur /Small Business Owner
    • Management Consultant
    • Marketing Manager
    • Principal of a Marketing Company, Public Relations Staff, or Advertising Staff

Looking for a business program in Chicago that gives you the ability to customize your education to your career goals? Our bachelor’s degree in business offers concentration areas in Accounting, General Business, Information and Telecommunications Systems Management, International Business, Management, and Marketing. Accounting offers a solid survey of the accounting field. Marketing allows a student to specialize in either advertising, corporate communications, public relations or sales. Management can have emphasis on more traditional management topics like Organizational Behavior or students can choose unique courses such as Sports and Entertainment Management.

Graduates of the East-West University business administration program will:

  • be capable of using information and analyzing data to formulate tactical and strategic decisions
  • have an awareness of the internal and external factors that are relevant to both small and large businesses
  • understand the interactions between and among legal, ethical, social, technological, political, economic, and competitive factors that impact ownership and managerial decisions
  • have an ability to research and integrate large quantities of data in quantitative, qualitative, or mixed formats
  • communicate effectively both orally and in written form, as well as understand and appreciate the use of technology to aid in business decision-making

The East-West University Business Program has a strong emphasis on ethics. Most classes in the business area use real-life ethical dilemmas which teach the student that “Following the Rules is Sometimes Not Enough.” We also have made an effort to train students in English, writing, communications, and analytical thinking. The program carefully builds on general education requirements to thoroughly train students in English, writing, communications, and analytical thinking. Students have opportunities to take classes that are applicable to their major in Behavioral and Social Sciences, English/Communications, Computer Science and Multimedia. Studies in Business Administration are intended to provide students with a broad base of knowledge in the business disciplines, to prepare them for career possibilities in business-related areas, and to provide a foundation for further studies and graduate work.