Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Science is all Around Us

From healthcare and nursing to research and the environment, science plays a defining role in many careers. Join our program and get a degree in Biology that will change the course of your life with job opportunities in a variety of fields.

Through broad-ranging coursework and hands-on experiences in our advanced labs, you will gain an understanding of life starting from atoms, molecules, and cells, to organisms, ecosystems, and human anatomy. You will also learn the skills you need for an exciting career or to continue with graduate work, entrance exams, or professional research.

Program Details

Biological Sciences Degree

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

  • A.A. in Liberal Arts with a focus on Biology,
    tailored for students interested in nursing

B.S. in Biology Degree

Learn more about starting your path towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

Degree Info

Four-Year Degree
Course Descriptions

With the knowledge I’ve gained from my classes and the contributions of my professors, I can definitely say I have the confidence to succeed. I have no doubt I am in the right place with the right people.

Enxhi Uzeir

B.S. in Biological Sciences

Being a Biology student is not challenging when you are pursuing your degree under great and experienced professors.

Parth Patel

B.S. in Biological Sciences

The Biology department at East-West has inspired me to learn beyond the scope of the classroom and my text books. This has been instrumental in my preparation for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Vanessa Lewis

B.S. in Biological Sciences

When I first got accepted into East-West University, little did I know that we would be a family. From the faculty to the students, everyone is really supportive and friendly.

Swetha Paleti

B.S. in Biological Sciences

Find Real-World Job Opportunities

Get the training you need for an in-demand job in one of the following concentrations in Biology.

  • Medical Practice

    Set your course in life as a physician, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist, or podiatrist.

  • Scientific Research

    You can gain access to industry-wide careers as a biochemist, biophysicist, or microbiologist.

  • Environmental Science

    Find your path as an environmental scientist, zoologist or wildlife biologist.

  • Genetics and Testing

    Discover opportunities as a lab technician, phlebotomist, or genetic counselor.

  • Therapy

    Potential awaits for you as a medical and health services manager, physiotherapist, occupational therapy, speech pathologist, or neurotechnologist.

  • Education and Law

    Become a health educator, medical malpractice lawyer, or environmental attorney.

Our Program Distinctives

Explore what sets our Biological Sciences program apart.

  • Small class sizes

  • Experiential learning

  • Lectures and conferences

  • Advanced labs

  • Community environment

  • Experienced faculty

  • Research and Healthcare Internships

  • Emphasis on diversity

Ready to Change Your Course in Life?

Chart a new path with a degree in Biology.