English and Communication

English and Communication

See the world through the eyes of others

From the laws of human language and communication to literature, film, and culture, the communication arts can lead you down many lucrative career paths. Join our program and get a degree in English and Communication that will change the course of your life and impact the World in influential ways.

A degree in English and Communication is varied, flexible and dynamic, giving you the opportunity to explore more of what interests you most. Chart your path towards a new career equipped with an understanding of the richness of choices in communication, the pressures and influences of different media, the patterns of cultural change, and the nuances of complex arguments.

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English and Communication Degree

Tailored Course Options

Tailored course recommendations for specific career paths in:

B.A. in English and Communication

Learn more about starting your path towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communication.

Degree Info

Four-Year Degree
Course Descriptions

Tailored Course Options

Learn more about tailored course options available with a degree in English and Communication to help you focus on your career path of interest.

Find Real-World Job Opportunities

Get the training you need for an in-demand job in one of the following career paths within English and Communication.

  • Communication, Media, and Public Relations

    Set your course in life as a director of marketing and communications, social media manager, communications manager, content writer, public relations manager, fundraising manager, event coordinator, creative director, or news editor.

  • Law and Law School

    Set your course towards law school or a career as a clerk, paralegal, lawyer, or mediator.

  • Writing, Literature, and Poetry

    Discover opportunities as an author, writer, English teacher, librarian, editor, copywriter, translator, or publisher.

I became a distinguishable student right away at The John Marshall Law School. Many classes that I had taken at East-West turned out to be very helpful.

Joi Lyons

B.A. in English and Communication

I will never forget the care of my professors in the quality of courses and their genuine care for my well-being.

Melody Johnson

B.A. in English and Communication

After graduation, I published two books. I've had poems published in literary journals, and short stories featured in anthologies since.

Fidel Love

B.A. in English and Communication

I thought being a transfer student would feel awkward because I was a “new student” again. But that was not the case; I felt very welcomed by both staff and student body. I can proudly say that choosing to attend East-West is a decision I do not regret making.

Tiffany Mendez

B.A. in English and Communication

One of the most amazing things that I have seen at East-West is the culture. It’s very strong and collective. Students help one another and everyone knows everyone.

Octavia Yates

B.A. in English and Communication

Our Alumni Have Exciting Careers

Check out where our alumni went. You could be next.

Alumni Jobs

  • Social Media Strategist, The Honeycomb Project
  • Associate Center Director, Employment and Employer Resources
  • Founder and Director, April Brings
  • Marketing Coordinator, Commscope/Andres Solutions
  • Radio Production Specialist, Austria
  • Patient Support Specialist, North Shore University System
  • Faculty Member, Mongolian University of Science and Technology
  • Academic Advisor, Devry University
  • Payroll and Pension Specialist, Aon Hewitt
  • Elementary Teacher, Alexandria City Public Schools
  • Development Intern, SPNN
  • Mad Tactics Management and Media
  • MBA student, Dominican University
  • Sixth Grade Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
  • Sales Manager, General Mills
  • Paralegal at a Litigation Firm
  • Senior Admissions Counselor
  • Musician/Writer

Graduate Schools

  • Law Program, John Marshall Law School
  • Master's Program, Dominican University
  • Master's Program, Wesley Theological Seminary

Our Program Distinctives

Explore what sets our English and Communication program apart.

  • Small class sizes

  • Highly qualified faculty

  • Flexible and dynamic degree

  • Diverse cultural perspectives

  • Active student newspaper

  • Successful graduates

  • Nonprofit and T.A. internships

  • Faculty assistant opportunities

The Phantom Press Student Newspaper

The Phantom Press student newspaper gives students the opportunity to learn about all phases of print publication and to discover their own stories from their own experiences and interactions with their fellow students.

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