Electronics Engineering Technology

Electronics Engineering Technology

Almost every aspect of life depends on electronics

From the time we wake up in the morning, using electronic tooth brushes, to the time we retire at night turning on the security system, we use gadgets made up of electronics. Join our program and get a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology that will change the course of your life with job opportunities in a variety of fields that develop and maintain the technology we rely on every day.

Through courses covering both hardware and software technologies and an understanding of their application to the design of systems, from the smallest embedded micro-processor to global communication systems, you can be equipped for a much broader range of careers than those in a pure computing degree program. With continuing advancing technologies and high expectations of users the need for suitably qualified and accredited engineers is as important as ever.

B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology

Learn more about starting your path towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.

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A.A.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology Degree

Learn more about starting your path towards an Applied Associate of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.

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Find Real-World Job Opportunities

Get the training you need for an in-demand job in one of the following concentrations in Electronics Engineering Technology.

  • Analog and Digital Circuits

  • Digital Communication

  • Drone Technology

  • Optical Fiber Communication

  • RF Engineering

  • Industrial Technology

  • Environmental Engineering

  • UNIX for Engineers

Find a career as a Systems design engineer, quality control engineer, communications engineer, firmware engineer, test engineer, RF engineer, digital systems designer, information technologist, quality assurance engineer, technical marketing specialist, environmental engineer, prototyping technologist, embedded circuit design engineer, logic circuit technologist, or many other career paths.

Priyanka Nadarajah

I have been working as a NPI Test Engineer at Teradyne/Nextest for the last 2 years. I am so grateful to EAST-West University and My professor Mr.Mirmira for achieving this successful work life.

Priyanka Nadarajah

B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology
Prashanniah Mahindanraj

I am very grateful to East-West University for guiding me throughout four years and teaching skills to be a successful Electronics Engineer. I am now in San Jose, CA as a design Engineer in manufacturing. Electronics is the way to go.


B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology

Our Alumni Have Exciting Careers

Check out where our alumni went. You could be next.

Alumni Jobs

  • Digital Tester, Focal Point
  • R&D RF CKT, PSR Engineering
  • Cell Phone division, Motorola
  • Analog CKT, Interview (Charney Engg)
  • Transformers Design, ComEd
  • Filter Design CKT, Contact Engineering
  • Design of Sensors, UPS Tech Division
  • Low Tension App, Jolliet Electric
  • Amplifier design, Shure, Niles
  • Sub-Station Design, Ohio power house
  • Embedded Design, Tesla
  • Embedded Design, Climate Solution
  • Electronics Maintenance, Navistar Engineering
  • Electrical Design, FemiLab
  • Digital Logic CKT, IBM
  • High & Low Voltage Design, Florida Electric
  • RF Circuits for remote, RF Engineering
  • Portal Design, AT&T
  • Proxy Server Maintenance , IT Industry, Hoffman
  • Hardware Testing, IT Industry, Shum

Our Program Distinctives

Explore what sets our Electronics Engineering Technology program apart.

  • Small class sizes

  • Successful graduates

  • Hands-on labs and field trips

  • Focus on industry trends

  • State-of-the-art laboratories

  • Distinguished faculty with industry experience

  • Rigorous curricula in engineering and technology

  • Tailored program concentrations

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