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EWU offers world-class degree programs taught by experts, and East-West is committed to providing each and every student with the guidance and support they need to succeed.


The New York Times listed EWU as having the 5th lowest average graduate student debt in a survey of more than 1000 public and private colleges and universities.


Commuting to East-West University is made simple as bus, train and subway lines are easily accessible.

One of the world’s great cities, Chicago is a thriving center of commerce, finance and education. This colorful metropolis with a population of nearly three million people boasts a number of superlatives: largest convention center, tallest building in the U.S., largest commodity exchange, and biggest candy maker.

Since its founding in 1980, East-West University has been a part of Chicago's South Loop neighborhood (Wabash Arts Corridor) and is home to the South Loop Historical Society.

Our Mission


The University opens doors of academic and intellectual opportunity to students of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions.


The University is established primarily to preserve and extend and to integrate and transmit knowledge of human beings concerning themselves, the universe, and their Creator.


The University is specifically committed to serve students who are seeking quality education to pursue excellence in their lives; students from low-income families who are motivated to enroll with the help of state and federal tuition grants, loans, and institutional scholarships.


East-West University strives to celebrate humanity in all its wondrous and complex variation.

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13th Annual Scholarship Dinner

13th Annual Scholarship Dinner By Omero Siller   On May 12, 2017 the 13th Annual Scholarship dinner was at the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel located at 636 S. Michigan Ave. The Renaissance is a beautiful place with historic meaning. Al Capone used to conduct meetings in the ballroom where we had our dinner. This event was […]

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence


Ethics of Artificial Intelligence By: Eva Guadarrama On May 17th, East-West university held an interesting discussion about the ethics of AI (artificial intelligence). The forum was hosted by the Artificial Intelligence class (taught by Dr. Julie Zhang) and Ethics and Society class (taught by Dr. Maria Polski). Students from different majors came, and asked several […]

13th Annual Scholarship Dinner

Gala Dinner Table

Ms. Iram Shah Ms. Iram Shah is a global corporate executive with a career across multiple industries and countries. Currently, she is Senior Vice President at Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation. Ms. Shah’s successful corporate career of more than two decades spans over five Fortune 500 companies in five countries […]

March 15, 2017 – 3 Point Contest


EAST-WEST UNIVERSITY PRESENTS Marching into March Madness 3 Point Shootout March 15, 2017 5 pm – 7 pm   WINNER ANGEL GUZMAN 24 points – 1 Min High School Prospect

As East-West graduate, I truly believe the courses helped me cultivate a solid foundation that has assisted me in my day-to-day activities.

Maria Silva-Young Student, class of 2012

I will never forget my time at East-West University and the care of my professors in the quality of courses and their genuine care for my well-being. I am still reaching into my experiences there, in my current personal and professional life. One thing I took away from East-West is the cultivation of studying ancient and world  literature, which I believe provides perspectives of human history that are often taken for granted. I also truly believe that the English and Communications Degree Program is one of the most unique and I could not have asked for a better higher educational foundation.

melody johnson
Melody Johnson Student, Class of 2008

My four years spent at East-West University was an exciting and enriching experience. I walked through the doors my freshman year ready to make changes in my life and with a serious commitment to my education; I knew EWU was the right place for me. I remember being early for class, waiting quietly in the hall and listening attentively to some professors’ lectures, feeling eager to one day register for their classes.

Fidel Love Student, Class of 2011