The Phantom Press Student Newspaper

The Phantom Press Student Newspaper

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About The Phantom Press

The Phantom Press is the student newspaper at East-West University and provides students with an opportunity to learn all phases of print publication.

Student editors under the guidance of a faculty advisor produce one edition each quarter (four editions per calendar year) and are responsible for the content, photography, design, layout, advertising sales, production, and distribution. Each edition is distributed to the university community, neighbors and advertisers.

Students are encouraged to discover their own stories from their own experiences and interactions with their fellow students to make the paper relevant to its target audience. As a result, students are given wide latitude of discretion in developing content for the publication.

The skills learned through participation with the Phantom Press can be translated to just about any vocation—clear and concise writing, multimedia, photography, investigation, documentation, sales, public relations, management, graphic design, and analytics. Many students have used their experience with the Phantom Press to secure employment after graduation because the Phantom Press operates as a learning microcosm of the professional world.

The Phantom Press office is located on the third floor of the West Building. For more information on advertising in the Phantom Press or to join the staff.

Contact: Dr. Maria Polski
Associate Professor
312-939-0111 ext. 1406

July 25, 2022
July 21, 2023

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