East-West University Institutional Board

East-West University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews the methods proposed for research with human subjects. The purpose of EWU’s IRB is to safeguard ethical conduct of research, complying with both national and international norms and relevant regulations or codes. The IRB protects human subjects from physical or psychological harm by reviewing research protocols and related materials. The protocol review assesses the ethics of the research and its methods, promotes fully informed and voluntary participation by prospective subjects capable of making such, and seeks to maximize the safety of subjects.

From this page you can download:

  • EWU’s IRB Application — to be filled out and submitted for review by anyone planning to do research with human subjects.
  • EWU’s IRB Handbook — explaining the purposes of operation of EWU’s Institutional Research Board, and explaining who must submit an application for review of research protocols and how to complete the application.
  • EWU’s Informed Consent Template — helping researchers construct a letter or form so that the subjects of their research can give “informed consent” to agree to participate voluntarily in a research project.
  • EWU’S official Policy I02.10 Institutional Research Board — establishing the process for review of reaching involving human subjects.

July 25, 2022
September 12, 2022