America’s Urban Campus (AUC)

America's Urban Campus (AUC)

About AUC

America's Urban Campus, a non-profit organization which began in 2016, is a consortium of 20 colleges and universities in the Chicago Metropolitan area. AUC's higher education institutions, represent over 210,000 students. The missions of AUC is to elevate Chicago as a global destination for higher education and leverage collective resources of its members for the benefit of the city's citizens. AUC's vision is to be a vital partner of Chicago's governmental, business, civic, cultural and philanthropic organizations, contributing directly to the city's initiatives to enhance its brand as a global destination; to support its members' roles as the inclusive talent pipeline for the region's employers; and to forge partnerships addressing Chicago's complex urban issues. Click here for a map of college locations.

East-West University is a proud member of America's Urban Campus which is led by the Presidents, Chancellors and Provosts of its member institutions. Dr. M. Wasiullah Khan, Chancellor of East-West University serves as the AUC representative. AUC's Board of Directors consists of representatives appointed by the head of their institution of higher learning The Board sets policy, reviews programs, and oversees the work of the Executive Director and its committees.

Periodically, AUC convenes the Presidents, Chancellors and Provosts to discuss the major issues facing higher education and the city of Chicago. The Mayor of Chicago is invited to the meeting to discuss the critical agenda items that higher education can affect.

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