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East-West Logo 1980East-West University was founded in 1980 with the mission of providing quality, affordable, multi-cultural, and forward-looking higher education to Chicago and the world. The institution has grown and prospered over the years, from a noble idea to significant institution of higher learning. The University maintains a unique place among institutions of higher learning in Chicago and the region. East-West is repeatedly cited as having the lowest tuition among private schools in the Chicago area, making a higher education with personal attention more accessible. East-West has a higher percentage of international students; it is the only majority-minority four-year college in the state of Illinois; the faculty and staff are among the most diverse of any institution of higher learning in the nation; its graduates have spread throughout the world, making a difference; and its close-knit, family atmosphere has been thriving in helping students to meet the challenges of making it through college to graduation. The majority of East-West University students may come from minority communities, but many non-minority students enjoy attending East-West University for the unique perspective it provides. Students interested in social work, human resources, community activism, politics, urban planning, government, and other disciplines gain great insights, engage in valuable dialog, make lifelong friends, and are welcomed and valued at East-West University.

To attend East-West University is to become an honorary citizen of the world; to discover a rich, diverse and international perspective on possibilities; to expand horizons to encompass the globe, and make lifelong friends from various backgrounds.

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