Watasha's Story

I graduated #1 in my class in 2004 with a BS in Computer Science.  I’ll never forget when we gathered in the auditorium and it was announced I’d be speaking to my fellow classmates at graduation.  I was shocked only because I hadn’t even thought about who was #1; I just did the best I could.  It was a great honor!  My future was bright then and 11 years later my present and future are still bright, and it’s all attributed to the education I received from East-West University.  I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the education I received there.

The memories I have of East-West are those of caring professors and serious students.  It was a place of great diversity for which I’m grateful for the exposure to different cultures.  I gained the understanding that differences don’t have to create division.  I remember Dr. Muhammad teaching us things about life that couldn’t be found in a book.  I remember Dr. Injoo and Dr. Julie being truly happy for their students’ success when we did well on tests, passed certifications, or just writing code that worked.  I remember Dr. Supha being tough as nails in math class but boy did it pay off.  All of these “things” I learned have bode well for me both professionally and personally.

Currently, I’m the Associate Director of Institutional Information at a top tier university here in Chicago.  I’ve been in higher education for almost 8 years now and in the non-profit sector for 11 years.  I’m still in a field that relies on the relevance of my computer science degree at East-West.  Positions I’ve held have required me to be well-rounded and a jack of all trades and I’m adeptly able to fulfill the roles.  A couple of years ago I spoke at an East-West lecture series that allowed current students to pick my brain about what to expect after graduation.  Students want to know what jobs will be waiting for them with the education they receive at East-West.  I’m here to tell you, there are endless possibilities!