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Unrestricted FundsUnrestricted funds allow East-West University to identify and use funds when time-sensitive, current needs at the University are the greatest. Your contribution can help East-West University to expand its capacity and at the same time help with its urgent needs.

Scholarships Fund

Access to an affordable, quality education is critical for ensuring that young people can compete in today’s economy. The lack of funding for scholarships makes it increasingly difficult for students, especially from low-income households, to attend college. Your contribution can assist young people in their journey to attain a college degree.

Student Activities Fund

The Student Activities Fund enhances students’ engagement with their fellow students and the University. Funds provided may contribute towards projects such as the expansion of a tutoring program, a mentoring program, or a new athletic program such as football or soccer. Your contribution can help students have a better sense of purpose and performance at the University.

Alumni Fund

East-West University’s Alumni Association is growing every year. Many of East-West’s graduates have flourished since receiving their education from the University. As an alumni, your contribution can assist in expanding the network of other alumni and their involvement with the University and its programs.

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