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Transfer Students

Transfer Policies and Procedures

Welcome! We are pleased that you are interested in attending East-West University. Congratulations on choosing to continue your educational career!

East-West University has a generous transfer credit policy and we would like students to receive the credit they deserve. To be considered a transfer student, at least 12 semester or 18 quarter credit hours must have been earned from accredited two-year or four-year college.

Transfer credit is accepted from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Prospective and newly admitted students may receive unofficial guidance from an admission counselor regarding transfer credit.

Transfer students with Associate’s Degree will be accepted as juniors, and the university will grant at least 90 quarter hours (60 semester hours).

Bachelor’s degree program requirements must be met and can be satisfied during the junior and senior years

If you do not change your major during transfer, East-West University policy is to accept all credits in your major from your previous college (except D grades).

Official Entry of Transfer Credits

Chairs of relevant academic departments carefully review the transcripts to ensure that maximum credit is transferred. Copies of the evaluation are provided to the student and placed in the student’s permanent academic record.

East-West University Residency Requirements

The university requires 180 quarter credits for graduation with a Bachelor degree. A minimum 48 of quarter credit hours must be earned in residency.

Transfer Agreements

East-West University has transfer agreements with a number of two-year colleges:

  • City Colleges of Chicago
  • MacCormac College
  • Northwestern Business College
  • Augustine College
  • Taylor Business Institute

How to Transfer

Transferring to East-West University is simple. Apply Online Here. If you apply today, we will begin processing your application immediately. We review transfer applications on a rolling basis. You need to submit college transcripts from all colleges you have attended.

Learn more about the transfer process, credit transfer and programs by visiting our university information sessions. Admissions counselors are available to review your transcript and make an admission decision during your visit.

For more information, call 312-939-0111 ext. 1827 or email

What Our Students Say

Ashley McDaniel, class of 2016

Transferring from Truman College to East-West University was one of the best moves I believe I have ever made for my future. From the time that I walked through the doors of East-West University up until now, I knew and still do know that I was and will continue to be in good hands.

Octavia Yates, class of 2015

My experience at East-West University has been interesting. I graduated from Malcolm X College unsure of what to expect going forward with my education. Applying and acceptance to the University were as painless as possible. I was accepted immediately and given endless guidance. My counselors made that transition less stressful. I feel extremely prepared for life after graduation, because my abilities have been enhanced.

Nour Karadsheh, Class of 2015

As a transfer student, I did not expect how welcoming the school was when I walked through the doors of East-West University. Living on campus has got me to become closer to the school to be able to meet with the teachers anytime during the day when I needed the help. I feel confident going to East-West to complete my Bachelor degree, not only because of the curriculum, but with opportunities that the school provides. I am on my way to take an internship course with the help of the faculty to get me to work with film production here in the Chicago area.

July 22, 2022
September 12, 2022