Counseling and Student affairs

Counseling and Student affairs

Provides leadership for ensuring that the College provides a comprehensive array of student services, student development programs focused on student success, and enrollment management programs, including, but not limited to counseling, advising, career planning and placement, recruiting and retention, registration and records, student discipline, student activities, intramural programs, student advocacy, services for students with special needs, cultural activities, and other student support services and programs. Leads the collaborative efforts across the college to design and implement a guided pathways model of student engagement, success and completion.

Plans, designs, develops and delivers district-wide student programs and services that implement the goals of the College; provides leadership for evaluating and ensuring quality in all aspects of the College’s student services, student development and enrollment management programs and staff; Provides leadership and guidance for the recruitment and retention of students; actively recruits for the College and works to promote retention and student success; Develop specific strategies and staff assignments designed to increase enrollment, retention and student success

Assists students to identify their values and goals, consistent with their capabilities, interests, and educational background. Advises with course scheduling and curriculum. Prepares appropriate reports; analyzes and evaluates enrollment and retention data; projects student enrollment and retention data to be used in strategic decision making;

Clarifies academic policies, college regulations, program requirements, procedures and other college information. Assists students to independently monitor their progress toward achieving their educational and career goals

Assists students with career counseling options. Advise in course selection that meet the programs requirements

Assists students with time management, stress management, anger management, test taking skills, note taking skills, communication skills, career development, job search application strategies, resume writing, and interview skills

Helps students identify social and emotional problems that may interfere with educational and academic progress. Provides crisis intervention when conflict arises in school. Identifies cases of health problems, domestic abuse or family problems and refers students to outside professional centers

Collaborates with the teachers and administration with the student evaluation and student academic progress

Assists students adjust to college with regard to academic standards and new life experiences. Advance and enhance activities increasing first- and second-year student retention

Organizes social and academic events on campus. Responsible for the organization and maintenance of school clubs and organizations

Responding to and resolving student complaints, grievances, and formal written appeals, including advising students

Designs, develops, coordinates, and presents a wide range of workshops, conferences, training sessions, and retreats for students, parents, and staff; manages, coordinates, and facilitates all facets of on-campus student orientation activities associated with the family connection program.

Designs and develops curriculum and implements educational programs for students on such topics as racism, prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes; develops, manages, and coordinates various diversity and anti-discrimination programs and monitors effectiveness through student behavior

Meet with program directors regularly to ensure continuity for students. Counsel students who have not met the University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement and monitor their success.

Participate in assigned University committees. Act as intermediaries between the student body and University personnel, explaining University policies and procedures to the former and bringing student opinions to the latter.

Ensure that students are properly advised and are aware of all program requirements, including advising students who plan to transfer credits to East-West University. Coordinate registration activities.

Enforce the Student Code of Conduct for the safety and protection of the University community. Organize activities to help students and alumni identify and secure employment, internships and cooperative education activities. Plan and coordinate the graduation ceremony

Dr Nadia Hallak Director of Counseling and Student Affairs East West University

Tanner Kuehn Academic Advisor East West University

August 2, 2022
August 17, 2022

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