ShawniceTime Capsule Dreams

They say be the narrator of your story, and for a long time I was just a spectator. I was adopted when I was almost 2yrs old and raised by my elderly parents in Roseland. I was a challenged child who worked hard and in high school peaked in academics and honors. I graduated high school at 17 and went straight to college and had to grow up instantly. When we’re young we crave to be adults so badly until we become one. Life hit me hard sophomore yr. and I had to give up my dreams to take care of my elderly parents. As time went on, I lived my life for them and when their time to transition came, I realized that I had to start over and learn to live for me and take better care of myself. I had lost the only people who breathed value and love into me. I’ve been in my moments of allowing my depression and anxiety to win over my potential to be a better me. Grieving and healing is a journey that we all experience, understand that no one’s journey is the same but it’s necessary to evolve. I made the choice in 2020 after being in therapy and meeting my mentor Shana Jackson, that it’s time to finish what I started. During a pandemic and working to live, I enrolled back into school and worked harder and smarter. It was never easy, and I had moments where I felt defeated, but my support system of friends and East West faculty kept me going. After blood, sweat and tears here I am graduating at 33, a week before my 34th birthday. I have a job that not only helps me be financially stable, its one that allows me to see the world. Life is a cycle of full circle moments, and I’m living in the moments. I’m sharing my story to remind you that there is no time frame to accomplish your goals, and especially to find happiness, love, and appreciation of self. When its difficult, know that there is a victory around the corner.

A special thanks to Mr. Cooper, Dr. Carnes and Dr. Polski, you all reminded me to never let my light dim.