If you’re interested in studying human behavior, particularly as it relates to patterns of human group activity and interaction, then you should look at East-West University’s bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences with a focus on sociology.

In studying patterns of human behavior and interaction as well as the tension between individual choice and agency, the science of sociology explores a wide range of human behavior. From child-rearing patterns and the social meaning behind religious practices to the behavior of prisoners under a lockdown or even variations of levels of trust in government among members of different ethnic groups, sociology covers a lot of ground. The right degree program in sociology can also open doors to job possibilities in several fields.

As you explore careers for sociology degrees, a number of opportunities can be found in the human, community or social services industries. Workers who provide administrative support to managers and information technology personnel also represent another major bloc workers with sociology undergraduate degrees.

Degree requirements are wide-ranging, giving students of this concentration excellent preparation for a variety of social science graduate degree programs. If you want to prepare for a graduate or professional school program, you should take courses in statistics, math, network analysis, computer programming, written and oral communication, foreign languages, and interpersonal skill development. These subjects will complement your sociological background and give you the ability to apply analytics tools to social and business problems. These courses also give you the ability to communicate with and lead diverse teams who work on these problems.

A BHS degree with a sociology focus on can also serve as an effective pre-law or pre-public policy preparation. Social issues and activism frequently lie at the intersection of sociology, law, and public policy, including criminal justice, family law, feminist policy, and environmental affairs. Related sociology internships and/or volunteer work can expose students to legal and policy issues and activist opportunities for social change.

Federal labor resources and professional sociological researchers strongly suggest that students should pursue an internship or volunteer work related to their sociology studies to enhance their employment prospects and post-graduation satisfaction. Beyond the mainstream online job searching databases, BHS sociology students may find internship opportunities through,, the human resources Web sites of various governmental (e.g., or major non-for-profit organizations.

East-West University’s location in Chicago’s South Loop is near many organizations that use sociologically focused employees; this location also provides networking opportunities to meet professionals. Finding employment is often the result of expanding one’s social networks to include more distant acquaintances, associates, co-workers, mentors, and other affiliates beyond one’s immediate friends and family members, an idea from sociology itself.


Curricular requirements must comply with all general academic requirements for a bachelor’s degree, including:

  • Completion of 180 quarter hours,
  • Residency requirement of 48 quarter hours
  • Completion of HM 279 (East-West University Signature course)
  • Completion of HM 491 (Senior Seminar),
  • An overall GPA of 2.0 and a 2.5 GPA in the major,
  • Compliance with Satisfactory Academic Progress policy pertaining to both Grade Maintenance and Timely Completion,
  • All outcome measures required by the assessment program must be passed successfully,
  • All financial obligations must be cleared

The program embodies three broad blocks of curricular requirements or components:

I: General Education Core (64 quarter hours);
II: BHS core and concentration courses 60 quarter hours
III: Elective courses (56 quarter hours), for a total of 180 quarter hours

I: General Education Core courses:

  • 5 specified courses in English and Communications for a total of 20 quarter hours;
  • 1 specified mathematics course, one biology course, and 12 additional hours from biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics for a total of 20 hours;
  • 1 specified humanities course and 16 additional quarter hours selected from behavioral and social sciences and humanities for a total of 20 hours;
  • 1 specified course from computer and information science for a total of 4 hours.

II: BHS Core and selected Sociology concentration area courses

  • 11 specified BHS core courses, and an additional 16 hours BHS elective courses for a total of 60 hours

III: Elective courses:

  • 56 quarter hours from freely selected courses


Stefan Griffin, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor
East Building 313

Alumni & Students

Jiaxin Li

Jiaxin Li

Before attending East-West University, I attended college in China. I heard about EWU from my uncle and knew it would be a good opportunity to expand my knowledge and prepare for my career.

I am studying Management in the business program and ultimately would like to use these skills to pursue my dream of becoming a designer. I have learned a lot in my classes and courses like Accounting teach skills that I will continue to use.

In China, my parents and teachers always told me that through studying, one gains success and fortunes will follow. Reading brings us everything. At East-West University, I am studying hard to prepare for my future.

Justyna Bronska

Justyna Bronska

I came to East-West after studying in the ESL program at Triton College. I received a scholarship for international students and was also hired as an international student advisor. I’ve always wanted to be successful regardless of the obstacles in place and exceed expectations. My experience at East-West University has changed my approach toward life and my responsibilities.

I’m studying in the Business program to obtain a management position. An important lesson I’ve learned at EWU is that I am responsible for my own future. I am committed to finishing my degree and have obtained the self-discipline to do so as I’ve made progress in my program. When I graduate, I would like to travel, have a family, and buy a house. Studying business at EWU will give me the tools to succeed.

Greg Williams

Greg Williams

I could not pass up the opportunity to return to school at East-West. I chose EWU because of its academics, location, and affordability.

East-West has helped me be successful by making it possible for me to both work and go to school. The instructors are experienced have encouraged me to pursue a career in Accounting. I have really enjoyed my experience here and would like to go to graduate school after I finish. My professor always said to ‘be the captain of your own ship.’ At East-West University, I am afforded the opportunity to do so.