Natalie ZavalaNatalie's Story

I transferred to East-West University from Harold Washington College back in April of 2021. I remember being nervous and scared to start at a new school. Thankfully, I was able to go about the whole school easily without getting lost. There are also lots of friendly people and professors to help you out. My time at East-West felt like a blink of an eye. I remember being frustrated and feeling overwhelmed sometimes, but thankfully I had a group of friends that helped me  get through it. My professors were also very helpful and understanding. They always made sure that their students were passing and understanding the material. If you are feeling overwhelmed, however, do not hesitate to go to the third floor on the west building and talk to the counselors there. If I could give the freshman advice it would be to enjoy your time at East West and get involved! Join clubs and sports teams, meet new people, and network with them. If there is a sport or club you would like to join, but they don’t have it, talk to professors about creating a club or a sports team. Make the most out of your college experience and don’t give up. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! Good luck and see you at the top.

Natalie Zavala