Mateo's Story

English and Communication Major

Great school, it's what you make of it while you are here so many smart and good people come through this school and achieve their best here. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! Gave me a chance when I was messing up and allowed me to be the best I could be here. The teacher can work with you more 1 on 1 and give you the attention you need plus let's talk about these past couple of years this school has been improving and getting more stuff for the future student. What a time it is, you are a phantom!!  They even offer free therapy sessions for students speaking from a person who has been through it and was able to assist and help me continue with my college career. It is about where you go and making the best of it. They say you only get one chance but at East-West, you get as many until you complete your goal.

"I was going to play football in Ohio but no scholarship could be given to me and I did not want to put my mom threw that struggle of having to pay up on my bills, I chose east-west to continue and keep my dream alive about making out of struggle and being successful in life If that provides that,"  I wrote this when I was a freshman taking my classes we had to write what made us come to East-West.