Joshua HernandezJoshua's Story

Hello, my name is Joshua Hernandez, and I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Computer and Informational Science, not only that but I am also a tutor here at East-West University.

I believe East-West University is an excellent school in many categories to me. The professors here are always trying to help and make sure you understand the content that is being taught in the course and I never really had any issues when it comes to confusion. Almost halfway through my degree and I am still as excited to show up as I was on my very first day of attendance. Not only have I grown as a person, but I have also expanded my skills when it comes to programming or even just general computer hardware and software.  I will always remember the kindness that East-West has presented to me, or how they reached out during a time where I was lost and did not know where the next chapter of my life would begin. They reached out to me and wanted me to attend the University, I did have some plans on what I wanted to do but this was the offer one can only dream of so I jumped on it instantly.

This school will always be a part of me. I look forward to building my character further and expanding my skill set. East-West University is the place to be!