Bonnie Jean Adams

Bonnie Jean Adams is an Adjunct Professor in the English & Communications Department. She has a PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies from Loyola University Chicago. Her expertise is in Cultural Communication, and she has travelled extensively in the United States and overseas. She has spoken at conferences, including the Engineers Without Borders Conference, and has worked with administrators at Oglala Lakota College. The clients in her private tutoring business, “A Different Drummer”, are new language learners and special needs students. An experienced speaker and published author, her research has been published in sociology textbooks. She also works as a journalist, and is a reporter in Chicago. In addition to teaching, she tutors East-West students in writing and study skills. Her interests include research, ethnography, interviewing and community involvement. “I tell my students that everyone has a story to tell. Listen. Don’t miss any opportunity.” Her goal is always to ‘make it real’ by bringing the outside world into her classroom teaching. “Never stop asking why.”Contact: