Julie Zhang

Julie Zhang

Dr. Julie (Yu) Zhang

Associate Professor

Dr. Julie (Yu) Zhang is an Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science Program at East-West University. Dr. Zhang received her BS in TV Broadcasting Engineering from the Communication University of China, her MS in Management Technology, University of Wisconsin-Stout, and her PhD in Computer Science, DePaul University.  She has been teaching at East-West University since 2000. Her research is in the area of medical image processing and analysis and Machine Learning.  Her current interests are the data analysis, machine learning.

Her Teaching Courses

  • CI101 Computer Technology and Applications
  • CI213 Desktop Spreadsheet Applications
  • CI215 Java Programming I
  • CI245 Java Programming II
  • CI221 Python Programming I
  • CI251 Python Programming II
  • CI280 Data Analysis (Use Python)
  • CI320 Data Structures (Use Java)
  • CI340 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CI354 SQL Server Database Programming
  • CI356 Object-Oriented Programming (Use Java)


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Zhang,Y., Tomuro,N., Raicu,D.S., Furst,J.D., “ Identifying the optimal segmentors for mass classification in mammograms”, SPIE Medical Imaging Conference, USA, 2015.

Zhang Y, Tomuro N, Furst JD, Raicu DS, “Building an Ensemble System for Diagnosing Masses in Mammograms”, International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery”. 7(2), 323-329, 2012.

Zhang, Y., Tomuro, N., Furst, J. and Raicu, D.S., “Building Multiple Weak Segmentors for Strong Mass Segmentation in Mammogram.” In SPIE Medical Imaging, 796233-796233, 2011.

Zhang,Y., Tomuro,N., Raicu, D.S. and Furst, J., “Image Enhancement and Edge-based Mass Segmentation in Mammogram,” In SPIE Medical Imaging, 76234-76234, 2010.

Zhang,Y., Tomuro,N., Raicu,D.S., Furst,J.D., “Using BI-RADS Descriptors and Ensemble Learning for Classifying Masses in Mammograms”, Medical Content-based Retrieval for Clinical Decision Support, London, UK, 2009.

Zhang,Y., Tomuro,N., Raicu,D.S., Furst,J.D. “A Contour-based Mass Segmentation in Mammograms”, DePaul CDM Research Symposium (SOCRS-09), 2009.

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