Dr. Julie (Yu) Zhang

Dr. Julie (Yu) Zhang

Associate Professor

Computer and Information Science Department
East-West University


  • PhD. in Computer Science, DePaul University, 2011
  • MS. in Management Technology, University of Wisconsin-Stout, 1995
  • BS. in Television Broadcasting Engineering, Communication University of China (Beijing Broadcasting Institute), Beijing, China, 1986


  • Associate Professor, 2015 – Present
    Computer and Information Science Department, East-West University, Chicago, USA
  • Assistant Professor, 2000 – 2015
    Computer and Information Science Department, East-West University, Chicago, USA


  • Programming: Java I & II, C++ I & II
  • Data Structures and Object-oriented Programming
  • Principles of Database, SQL Database Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Media: Web Animation I &II, Graphic Design, Image Processing I & II, Video Production, Computer Game Design
  • Computer Applications: Desktop Spreadsheet Application, Desktop Database Management


  • Medical Image Processing and Analysis
  • Machine Learning


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