East-West University Celebrates 40 years

Chancellor Khan

With Celebration and Awards, East-West University Looks Back on 40 Years of Legacy

On November 3, East-West University faculty, staff, distinguished alumni, and friends gathered to celebrate the school's 40 years of excellence. Founded in 1980 to provide quality, affordable, multicultural, and forward-looking higher education to Chicago and the world, the institution has grown and prospered over the years from a noble idea to a significant institution of higher learning.

The evening included a keynote address by Dr. Bilal Ansari, speeches from University faculty and staff, and a speech from the Chancellor, Dr. Khan, about his long and inspirational journey to start the University in 1980 and grow it into what it is today. Awards were presented to the distinguished guest speaker and alumni, and an award for Teaching Excellence to Professor Lomax, program director of the Business Department.

East-West University would like to thank the faculty, staff, alumni, donors and friends, and supporters from the community and beyond for helping the University leave a legacy for countless students in Chicagoland and throughout the entire world who have been able to change the course of their lives.