Biology Resources

The Biological Sciences department has multiple state of the art classrooms and electronic resources for students to use. The biology classroom has brand new Nikon microscopes and full array of histology slides for all the major courses in Biology. Further, recently acquired iWorks software allows for physiological demonstrations for all the major organ systems including cardiovascular, neural, muscle, pulmonary, and gastric functions and is used in the Anatomy and Physiology course among others. The Biology lab also has an extensive collection of models for each of the organ systems and full models of the skeletal and muscular systems. Extensive use of MRI, CT, and X-ray images is important in various classes. The Chemistry classroom and laboratory has all the equipment and glassware for the full range of inorganic and organic chemistry courses that biology majors are required to take. Our new, modern physics lab has extensive resources for the physics courses that are also required of majors. The Biological Sciences department also has a brand new core molecular biology lab equipped with the most recent protein, DNA, and RNA analysis equipment including PCR, western blot, and spectrophotometry equipment; the new equipment was part of a MESIP grant that the department received recently. IN addition, the department has a highly skilled core laboratory manager that oversees the operation of the lab and also helps students in the molecular biology courses that are integral part of the curriculum. For those interested in Neurotechnology and its various branches, the department has new expanded facility and classroom for the EEG equipment which, in part, was also purchased recently from the MESIP grant.