Ayub SyedAyub's Story

Hello, my name is Ayub Syed I have graduated from East-West University in the year of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in computer and Information Science with honors.

In the year of 2016, I joined East-West University with an Associate degree in Environment Science and I have switched my major to Computer Science. My only goal was to graduate with good grades and to earn a bachelor’s degree. Coming from a different major, I thought it will be a lot harder to learn and earn good grades; however, after meeting professor Julie and professor Injoo I learned about curriculum that motivated me to get going. Dr. Julie helped me picking the right courses and If I needed extra help with anything. I have learned many programming languages such as SQL, JAVA, C# that I thought was not possible to learn. Only by adhering to the instructions given by Dr. Injoo, her strictness, and Dr Julie, made my learning process easier. In humanities, I took Dr. Khan’s courses that helped me to learn about life, history, how to use special vocabularies in regular conversation and how to good at doing multiple choice test.

I had passion helping others. I used to help students who were weak in subjects and transferred my knowledge and in doing so in turn helped me gained further knowledge and made my foundation stronger. I love the school events, Halloween parties, programming events, cooking and bringing food for the competition to win a price. I participated in most activities in school and interacted with many folks from different ethnic backgrounds and learned about their cultures.

Having a good GPA, helped me get an admission in a graduate school. Later, I completed my Masters’ degree in Computer Science in the year of 2019 with honors. After graduating from School, I took couple of months off and then started working as a Software Engineer. Currently, I’m working full-time with Infosys Limited as a Technology Lead consultant with Verizon Client.  Also, Along the way I started a consultancy business name as PremialTech LLC to help professionals and graduates to get a job placement by enhancing their skills and then transfer the knowledge gained to help the big 500 fortune client companies.

A degree in higher education is like door entry getting into big corporation and getting placed into management level of the companies. It all started with East-West school to help me channelized, gain visions and to step up goals and dreams to next level. Just believe in yourself and the professors when they are strict with their instructions as that will only benefit you gaining knowledge. If you can’t help yourself then no one else could. If I can do it then so can you!!