Asmath UnissaAsmath's Story

My name is Asmath Unissa. I was born and brought up in India. India is a diverse country with various cultures and religions. I'm 24 years old and it was difficult for me to leave my beloved family, friends, colleagues and my country. As there is a saying that “to gain something we need to lose something.” and I'm finally here in the most popular and one of the highly profiled countries(USA). The USA has diverse landscapes with diverse cultures, as far as I have seen the USA has the most incredible cities, fun festivals and events. The challenge that I faced was with the American dollar. I was still analyzing the things in terms of rupees rather than the dollars. Hence, it was difficult for me to assess the value of things in terms of dollars. As far as I have noticed The rules of the USA are very strict in terms of driving, pedestrian crossing, etc. The medical is very expensive here as the dentist charged $100 just for cleaning the teeth which is very expensive compared to my native country.

The reason I'm here in the USA is to advance my education level and I hope that the education gained from the USA will enable me to secure a better job in the future. I'm currently a student at East-West university, Ms Kate Petek, The DSO of international students, she helped me alot in the process of admission and I’m about to complete my first quarter. I was delayed in the admission due to some transfer issues from another university and I almost missed my three lectures from all the four subjects. But the professors of these universities are very humble, kind-hearted. They helped me out personally to cover up the syllabus. It took time for me to understand the various accents, there were language barriers, and different students with different cultural backgrounds. Prof. Robert Pitzele, taught me mathematics in a very simple and easy manner and he is so sweet. Dr. Bill Hillmann, a true gentleman, helped me during the confused stage of assignments. Prof. Zechary Swezy enhanced my confidence during my speeches and helped to overcome my stage fear. Dr. Adams helped me out where I was unable to understand  the law of citation and about Plagiarism. Last but not least my most stylish Professor Dr. Polski, she is a very marvelous teacher who helps each and every student in one way or another. She is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met.

I have the best professors. I'm not gonna forget them as each and every one taught me one or the other thing. Apart from the teachers and the staff  I made new friends, they are very helpful and we enjoy a lot when we are together. It was one of my dreams to study in the USA and I can say with confidence that it is such a gratifying experience and I'm so glad that I'm here today.