East-West Website Update

Website Update


Build out remaining pages (Dec. 1-12)
Build out link aliases and redirects (Dec. 4-8)
Review Plugin Needs (Dec. 5?)
Mobile/Responsive Design optimization (Dec. 5-12)
Debugging, Error Checking, ADA Compliance (Dec. 12 - Post Launch)
Deployment (Dec. 15?)

Remaining Pages

  • Student Life pages
  • Catalog pages (3/4 entered)(rest in 1-2 days)
  • Course Search (getting imported over the weekend, 460+ courses)
  • Student Stories (full length)
  • Alumni
  • A few services and legal pages

Post-Launch Items

  • Department Special Features/News
  • International Admissions spreadsheet integration
  • User Training (we will update anything until users are trained)
  • Some "Info For" pages