Why Take Liberal Arts at E.W.U.

Many colleges and universities offer an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and students may wonder what such a degree can do for them.

  • One answer is that the A.A. degree provides students a broad introduction to college-level education,
    often with a possibility of specializing in particular subjects of interest.

    • For many employers today, a college degree is essential, an indication that a potential employee has developed communications and analytical skills required in most workplaces.
    • As a student at East-West, you will take courses which will challenge you and prepare you for jobs which will require you to think on your own, communicate with co-workers and work effectively in groups.
  • Another answer is that the A.A. degree is often a stepping-stone to a Bachelor’s degree. For many schools, this requires you to transfer to another school.
    • At East-West, however, you can continue on to get a Bachelor’s degree in one of the fields in which you’ve already taken courses.
    • Because of the small classes and personal attention that are part of East-West’s DNA, you will likely encounter professors and students you’ve had in earlier courses.
  • Finally, one of the unique and most exciting aspects of getting an A.A. in Liberal Arts at East-West is the “signature course.”This is taken by ALL students (Associate’s and Bachelor’s alike).
    • Each year, this course explores a theme through books, movies and even field trips to nearby cultural institutions. Students consider that theme from various perspectives and fields, from psychology and English, to economics, sociology and art.
    • In recent years, the signature course has looked at
      • community and identity
      • love
      • how nations become “wealthy.”
    • Students in this class have read and discussed books such as
      • Gang Leader for a Day
      • Guns Germs and Steel
      • Ovid’s The Art of Love.
    • Students have also explored those themes through movies such as
      • Love, Actually
      • Romeo and Juliet
      • The Interrupters
      • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
      • The Real Eve