CIS - Why

The computer application is everywhere: from banking to advertising, from social life to public service. CIS professionals work in a high-tech environment, they use a variety of skills to produce service, applications, digital designs, animations, and games.

The Computer and Information Science (CIS) program at East-West University is dynamic and teach students solid foundation in different specialized fields: Business Analysis, Web Technology, Information Systems, Digital Media, Software Engineering and Cyber Security.

From our program, students will learn a variety of skills: programming, networking and digital media designing, which are critical for careers in this highly dynamic society.

The CIS program teaches students the latest technology in the industry. Our class projects focus on critical thinking, problem solving and practical skills. After class, we have tutoring programs to help students with their assignments and projects.

We offer students a dynamic, state-of-the-art learning environment. The CIS students will use the latest software in labs. After freshman, each student will have a faculty advisor, who will closely monitor the student’s progress, and console the student.

After graduation, CIS students from EWU work in a wide variety of industries, including banking and financial services, education, healthcare, software and social services. Students can choose from six specialist program preparing for their career:

  • Business Analyst Specialist
    • Employment opportunities are available in the fields of sales, accounting, manufacturing, banking, telecommunications, finance, and education.
  • Web Technology Specialist
    • Employment opportunities include positions in web application development, E-commerce, computer related sales and marketing.
  • Information Systems Analyst
    • Employment opportunities range from planning technical solutions, recommending software and systems, coordinate development projects, to technical specification writing.
  • Digital Media Specialist
    • Employment opportunities include graphic and media training solutions, utilizing video effects/animation, graphic design, video animation, print communication, and advanced animation.
  • Software Engineering Specialist
    • Employment opportunities range from software risk analyst, software quality assurance expert, software engineer, programmer to software architect.
  • Cyber Security Specialist
    • Employment opportunities range from chief information security officer, forensic computer analyst, information security analyst, security architect, security engineer, and security systems administrator to security consultant.