Why EWU Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences and its related fields allow students to explore many career paths including Research, Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, and Neurotechnology areas to mention only a few. The Program Director of Biological Sciences, Dr. Karishma Mukherji, has extensive experience in medicine and psychology.

East-West University and has the ability to make difficult concepts in science understandable to students at various academic levels. The adjunct instructors in the department are all experts in their field with extensive research or professional backgrounds. Often, to get an advantage over other applicants to professional schools admissions committee expect students to have research training and experience. The Biology department has multiple research projects, including in the area of cardiovascular disease and ADD/ADHD and nutrition, that students are expected to become involved in and, for those displaying exceptional skills, may lead to publications in lead scientific journal. At the undergraduate level, such opportunities are very limited particularly at larger universities and most smaller ones. The depart is geared to graduate students who are ready for the modern world of biology and biotechnology as well as neurotechnology. Many students find employment just after, or even before, graduation, and most move on to professional schools of careers in the biological sciences.