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Math Degree Requirements

Mathematics Department



Mathematics plays a dual role of academic discipline on its own, and serves as the basic language for all the sciences. The Mathematics Department at East West University is designed to provide students the mathematical skills that can be used in many careers, as well as in everyday life. Certain skills learned in the program will prepare students to apply mathematics to real-life situations, while other skills will provide a solid base for proof-writing and research. Upon completion of the program, a student will be well rounded enough to be able to choose either a career in industry or further studies in academia. The aim of the mathematics department is to prepare students to move into jobs for the future.


The discipline of mathematics offers a variety of programs in pure and applied mathematics to meet the needs of students in different academic and career areas. Program options include:

  • Specialized Classes in Math that will prepare students who major in other disciplines to increase their effectiveness in their own particular fields.
  • An Associate of Arts degree program in which a general liberal arts education can be combined with a solid background in Mathematics.
  • A Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in Mathematics, which prepares the student for a math-related career.



Mathematical training is an excellent qualification for jobs in areas such as:

  • Architecture
  • Actuarial Work
  • Banking and Tax Analysis
  • Computer Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Government Agencies
  • Investment Analysis
  • Management and Market
  • Material and Inventory Control
  • Math Teacher/Education
  • Stocks and Commodities trading

Math Degree Requirements

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