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Liberal Arts

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

Looking for the right program to earn your Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts in Chicago? At East-West University, our Liberal Arts associate degree program lets students explore a wide range of topics. With courses in humanities, social sciences, computer and information science, mathematics and physical science, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the complex, changing and interrelated world in which you live.

That understanding and range of knowledge can be a key differentiator as you enter the job force. That kind of career-path flexibility is just one of the many benefits of a liberal arts degree.

Another benefit to liberal arts programs in Chicago? The credential. A degree is an important part of any professional resume. It tells potential employers that you’ve developed key communication skills and have the critical and analytical skills to understand issues and concepts from multiple perspectives. That is, you will be able to demonstrate that not only have you have learned important ideas and concepts, but also that you have learned how to learn!

Or use your associate degree as the first step of your education process by continuing on into a bachelor’s degree program. Once you’ve completed the required courses, you’ll have the foundation you need to explore a wide range of academic fields … or specialize in a particular area of interest, such as English, Political Science, Sociology, Mathematics, or Biology.